Developer Rare and publisher Nintendo in 1997 dropped what's arguably one of the greatest games for the Nintendo 64 in GoldenEye 007. Based off the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye, this first-person shooter had an average single-player storyline but what really kept gamers immerse for hours on end was its multiplayer mode.

If you'd forgotten about this gem or never had an opportunity to play it before, I've got great news. There's a new HD fan remake 10 years in the making that's now available to download.

GoldenEye: Source, as it's called, has been a work in progress over the years. Version 5.0 (the new one) includes 25 refreshed maps, 10 multiplayer modes and updated versions of 28 of the game's iconic weapons. There's no single-player mode but that's quite alright.

Nintendo earlier this month dropped the hammer on a Metroid II remake more than eight years in the making. If precedent tells us anything, I wouldn't expect this to remain live for long so you'd better grab it while the getting is good.

The website's FAQ notes that the game both requires and runs on Steam but the mod isn't available there for legal reasons. The specs required to run the game are minimal so I doubt anyone here will have any issues in terms of graphical horsepower. You can download the game for Windows and Mac (with some work) right here.