CD drive missing

By Jhong
Oct 11, 2011
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  1. im running a dell optiplex 170L. In the My Computer, Im missing the CD drive. the specs are as follows:

    Dell™ OptiPlex™ 170L User's Guide


    Processor type

    Intel® Pentium® 4 and Intel Celeron®; design provides for future Dell-supported upgrades.

    Level 1 (L1) cache

    8 KB or 16 KB, depending on your computer configuration

    Level 2 (L2) cache

    128-KB, 256-KB, 512-KB, or 1-MB (depending on your computer configuration) pipelined-burst, eight-way set associative, write-back SRAM



    333-MHz or 400-MHz DDR SDRAM

    NOTE: DDR400 memory runs at 333 MHz when configured with 533-MHz FSB processors

    NOTE: DDR333 memory runs at 320 MHz when configured with Pentium 4 800-MHz FSB processors

    Memory Architecture

    dual-channel DDR SDRAM

    Memory connectors


    Memory capacities

    128-, 256-, 512-MB, or 1-GB non-ECC

    Minimum memory

    128 MB, single-channel mode; 256 MB dual-channel mode

    NOTE: Between 1 and 64 MB of system memory may be allocated to support graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors.

    Maximum memory

    2 GB

    BIOS address


    Can anyone help me on this???
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    This is a fairly old computer. Optical (CD/DVD) drives fail after time. Replace the drive...

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