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CD/DVD ROM icon missing

By mastguytech ยท 4 replies
Aug 19, 2007
  1. i m using Compaq presario 1800T ,pentium II , designe for win98.
    but i m using WINXPpro sp2 version 2002. since last 2years.
    i have DVD/CD rom,
    form last 2 weeks i have seen that my laptop READS a CD but cant dispaly any data.
    my CDrom icon , E: is missing suddenly.i have no access to my CD rom.
    in device manager i can see IDE ATA/ATAPI contollers, with NO exclmatory mark.i cannt find my CD/DVD ROM drivers
    it is detected by BIOS but fail to detect in windows.
    i tried deleting Upper n Lower filter,but no joy.{http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/}

    i dont know..which CD rom i m using. i cant format my laptop.i tried syestm restore but no use.

    i dont know wht to do:( help needed desperatly.tried lot of ways.
  2. Mugsy

    Mugsy TS Guru Posts: 394   +15

  3. rapzkilla

    rapzkilla TS Rookie Posts: 53

    i think you should uninstall and re-install your device drivers and see if that works. if that doesnt, then try running chkdsk /r in cmd prompt and see if it will fix it.. OR if that doesnt work, you can run a windows xp repair without damaging your files. if you dont know how to run it, just let me know. If you run that and it doesnt work, then your DVD/CD ROM is defective, or just needs to be cleaned thouroughly because its dirty..
  4. mastguytech

    mastguytech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    still no joy

    i cannt find my device driver. it say that the driver are auto.loaded form Win 98or XP.
    how to run the repair for win,since i cannt run a CD.
    there is no question of defective device,coz....rom reads a CD.
    the basic problem is that , i cannt locate my rom in Mycomputer.
    i GUESS, i have DVDRom of TOHSIBA DVDROM SD-2202
    thanx for ur reply.appreciate.
  5. Mugsy

    Mugsy TS Guru Posts: 394   +15

    You say you can't access your CD drive from within Windows. Can you BOOT from CD?

    Insert your WinXP disc and reboot. If that works, try doing a re-install (skip the "Recovery Console" option, select "install Windows", and after it detects your existing installation, select "Repair".)
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