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May 7, 2003
  1. I have a question regarding CDRW media. I have the option to buy Verbatim 8-10x and Verbatim 16-24x media. The question is, does the faster media ONLY support 16-24x? I have a 10x rewriter at the moment, but will probably get a faster drive in the future, so would like to buy the faster media so I dont have to buy again. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    As far as I know, the faster media should work. I've only heard of "slow" RW-drives (1x - 4x) and "high-speed" RW-drives (5x and up). The difference between normal and high-speed RW discs is that they have ATIP information (the information about the disc itself) in different places, so slow RW-drives won't recognize high-speed discs.
  3. StormBringer

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    That must not be a "standard" because I have some RW media that is labeled "High Speed" for use in Drives 4x and faster(Verbatim). I have some different discs(Memorex) that say "Use only in drives with the "HIGH SPEED" Logo.

    The HIGH SPEED logo mentioned is a variation on the Compact Disc logo that is located on the door of the drive. It adds the words high speed down the right side of the logo.
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    Thanx for the replys guys! I just had an email from about the discs and they say that the 16-24x media is ONLY compatible within those speeds and if I have a 10x rewriter then I will have to get the 8-10x media. Don't know if thats entirely true (sales reps etc, say no more) but thought I would post just FYI.

    Thanx again!
  5. StormBringer

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    I am not sure that is entirely true either. I don't have any media that has ranges like you mentioned, though I do have some that is 24x and says to use in 4x and faster drives(as I mentioned above) I also have some older discs that say for use in 2x and faster, they are 12x media. Another reason that makes me think this is not true is because I copy audio CDs at 10x or slower and I sometimes use 24x and 32x discs. Maybe this only applies to particular brands or maybe there is another factor involved in those discs. Or maybe the sales rep is just full of something I scraped from my shoe.
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    I also feel you've been misinformed. My CDRW drive is a 12x and I use 40x media because slower media is hard to find and make no difference to the burn.

    Just ignore that sales rep as the media speed quoted is a max, and the range is just to make it clear for CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) drives that have their max speeds quoted as a range. Buy whichever you prefer.
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    Are we talking CD-r or CD-RW? I've never had problems with CD-R but then again I haven't purchased media in aover a year. I know CD-RW drives that are under 4x wont work with media that is rated high speed. Above 10x RW, I'm not sure.
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    CDRW works differently to CDR because of UDF packet writing making it impossible to calibrate the laser each time data is written to a disk. Because of this the CDRW speed is read from the disc type that is inserted, whereas CDRs get calibrated - unless you have a very old drive.

    PS: That's my guess anyways, as really I haven't looked into this before.
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