cheap RAm /odd test results

By Iam138
Apr 7, 2007
  1. I recently installed a new stick of generic 1G, PC2700 DDR RAM in slot 01 on my old but faithful PC to compliment the 512mb i already had in slot 0 started up and it seems as if my PC is performing much better now, cpu-z detects it as being 1024mb(1536 total) no problem as does my advanced system info in XP SP2 and Advanced WindowsCare and various RAM monitors however when i run SpeedFan it detects the new stick as being only 4mb why is this? PC Wizard 2007 does the same. Can anyone shed some light on this ? Just curious as i thought this to be odd.
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  3. Iam138

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    I'm not sure what you mean by Mix-matched as in 2 dfferent brands? Both are PC2700 DDR 166mhz and both clock identical. Or do you meam as in different sizes 512 & 1024 respectivly. Excuse my ignorance but that's why i'm here trying to figure this stuff out.
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    This would be funny if it.......well it is funny i guess not 5 minutes or so after my last post BAM!! out went the cheap stick of RAM oh and learn by the blue screen of death. At least my faithful stick of Samsung that's 3years old is still clockin'.
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