Checking Memory Speed

By Eddie_42
Jun 19, 2007
  1. Hey folks,

    I have a pair of 512MB Corsair XMS on my Asus MB, AMD X2 4200. My comp boots really slow. The bar on the windows splash makes at least 15 laps if not more. I have de-fragged and cleaned my hard disks.

    How do I check that my memory is currently set to the right speeds?

    The MB doesn't have a splash during boot and i cant find anything in the control panel that will give me this info.

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    general SETUP access keys to access the BIOS of a motherboard are usually F2, Del or F10.. unless their different..

    find out the brand of BIOS it uses (Pheonix, AMI etc) and google for their most used keys..

    to check the memory are running in the correct setting, you'll have to find that out through the manufacturer's website and look for the model of your RAM. Everest will help a lot.
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