China accuses United States of hacking top space and aviation university


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What just happened? China is regularly accused of using state-sponsored hackers to infiltrate American systems, government agencies, and organizations, but the Asian country claims the US is far from innocent when it comes to engaging in these sort of activities. The latest allegation is that the NSA hacked a government-funded university that specializes in aviation, aerospace, and navigation studies.

According to a statement from China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center (CNCERT/CC), the NSA's Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) sent phishing emails to teachers and students at Northwestern Polytechnical University in an attempt to steal data and personal information.

As with other phishing campaigns, the goal was to trick targets into clicking malicious links that would allow the TAO to steal login details. The messages' themes included scientific evaluation, thesis defense, and information on foreign travel.

According to The Global Times, a publication owned by the Chinese communist party, a team from CNCERT/CC and 360 Security Technology Inc. analyzed trojan samples from the university's information systems after an attack was reported in June. They traced the hacks back to the TAO.

China says the NSA was behind more than 10,000 "vicious" cyberattacks on targets within the country in recent years, collecting more than 140 GB of high-value data in the process.

The US has a long history of throwing hacking accusations at China. The CISA, NSA, and FBI issued an alert in June claiming Chinese state-backed hackers are using unpatched consumer routers and network-attached storage (NAS) devices to gain access to the infrastructure of major telecommunications companies, sending their traffic to Chinese servers.

In February, Federal Bureau of Investigation director Christopher Wray said China is behind more cyberattacks on the US than all other nations combined. He added that, at the time, the FBI was investigating 2,000 cases of Chinese attacks. He cited the Microsoft Exchange hack, which impacted the networks of 10,000 American companies, as an example of the damage Chinese hackers can cause the US industry.

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I'd be shocked if the US *wasn't* fighting back against those totalitarian parasites. That said, the best way to hurt China is stop sending them all your manufacturing business. If nobody buys their crap they have nothing. As a few smart people pointed out in the 90's, building everything in Asia is economic suicide for a first world nation.


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Word on the street, and in the intelligence and scientific community, the US is in possession of a top secret Chinese Abacus.

They believe the US will use it for their latest space and military technology.
NSA has been and is always No.1 Hacker group in the world. It is known fact that is not published widely in the US media. I think US, Israel, Russia are the top 3. China, despite what you hear in the US media, is not even close to the top.
If you can't take it, China, Don't dish it out in the first place.
If you study history of cyber attack, it is US who hacked other country first. There is a podcast from marketplace talk about that and risk of cyberattack. So your statement is a little off based on the history. You can say that China is trying to catch up US's capability. Of course, US hacks mainly military area while China hacks military additional to economic area. Obama tried to set the hack rule that stop hack economic target, but by that time happened, the genius is already out of bottle.
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People in the comments section mixing who acted first. US has been spying for the better part of a century. Not really news.