Chrome 66 launches with autoplaying restrictions, new features, and security fixes


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Google has launched Chrome 66, which you can download here, bringing with it security features, improvements, and the blocking of autoplay videos with sound.

Google had said that autoplaying content with sound would be blocked by default in January’s Chrome 64 update, but it was delayed. Instead, users received the ability to mute sound on a site-by-site basis—something that was supposed to arrive in Chrome 63.

Chrome 66 will still allow videos without sound or that are muted by default to play automatically. Unmuted autoplay will be allowed under certain conditions: when the window has been previously interacted by the user during that browsing session; if the site has been added to your Android device’s home screen, and for desktop sites that a user frequently watches videos on. These sites are ranked by Chrome’s Media Engagement Index (MEI), which measures an “individual's propensity to consume media on a site.”

MEI is determined by a ratio of visits to significant media playback events per origin. There are certain conditions: a user must have played media for at least seven seconds, meaning any accidental plays that get stopped quickly aren’t counted; the videos must have sound and not be muted, and the clips must be larger than 200x140 pixels, thereby discounting any small preview videos. You can check out your MEI at the chrome://media-engagement internal page.

When it comes to security features, Chrome 66 has removed trust for Symantec certificates due to the company’s failure to adopt industry standards. The latest release also alerts users when third-party software injects code that results in browser crashes, along with a password management feature that allows users to save their credentials to a .csv file.

Chrome 66 also comes with Site Isolation—another mitigation technique for the Spectre vulnerability—along with numerous fixes for several other security issues, the details of which you can see here.

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It was sooooo stupid but expected from someone like Google to make matters worse. Changing the " mute tab" button to "mute site" button. So I have bookmarks of youtube ( music ) I click on cntrl+shft in my bookmark manager on these links I have bookmarked, and open them up, say 12 at a time. now while I am surfing the web, I have enough music to last me hours. if a song ends on one tab and I am not there to close the tab after the song ends, when I get back I can just close out the tab and have the next one start automatically because when you close one tab the tab to the right opens. and starts to play. but let's say I have these 12 tabs open, I am listening to my music and I accidentally hit another tab of music, both tabs play together. so I need to mute the one that I accidentally opened, well I can't do that anymore, I have to "mute site" and it stops all youtube tabs. that really sucks, then I have to go back to the tab I was listening to and then it the song starts over from the beginning. just more and more buttons and steps of execution. it's like someone who invents an app, they wonder why people get into accidents, hmmm maybe because it takes more time to open an app then it takes to open a map.same goes for Google always adding more and more tasks to accomplish something


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Its a nice move by Google to restrict autoplay videos. Hopefully, other major web browser companies can follow the same suit.


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Still not greatly effective for me. So I just mute all by default, and unmute sites as needed now.


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Well, it was really stupid that they changed the mute tab to mute site. sure it was good that they muted all websites, they already had that. the only thing they changed now again is the mute tab to mute site instead. like me I open youtube tabs, of music that I have bookmarked, I use Onetab and can open as many of them as I want. but if I am listening to one tab and accidentally open another one both tabs play. I used to be able to just mute that tab, now I have to mute site and go back to the first tab and then click the play button again and then the first tab starts over again. why when websites have a good thing going, they screw themselves. they don't have to worry about another site pushing them down, they have enough in-house Oompa Loompas doing that like Google does