Chrome will offer AI-generated text summaries of articles

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In a nutshell: Google rolled out its so-called Search Generative Experience (SGE) for web search three months ago, and user feedback has seemingly been positive so far. The company is now announcing some improvements to SGE, which will soon be able to summarize articles to get "key points" out of long articles published online.

Google's Search Generative Experience is being "augmented" with a new featured called "SGE while browsing." Already available in Google apps for Android and iOS and coming to the Chrome desktop browser in the "days ahead," the option will provide users with a few, hopefully useful key points taken from long web pages or articles.

SGE while browsing is designed to test how generative AI can help users navigate information online and get the "core" of textual content faster than ever, Google says. The new Search Labs experiment wants people to engage "more deeply" with long-form content, making it easier to find what users are looking for with no actual need to read multiple pages and paragraphs of text.

SGE while browsing will work on "some pages" available on the web, providing users with a new touch control to generate "AI powered key points." Info quality in those key points "may vary," of course, and the points themselves contain links that bring navigation straight to the relevant part of the text in its original form.

Google thinks that AI-generated key points can be particularly useful when users are trying to learn something new or complex, but they can work for other mundane tasks such as finding a new recipe or researching for a "big purchase" as well. SGE while browsing only works on articles that are freely available on the web, meaning pages hidden behind a paywall are seemingly excluded. "Publishers are in control," Google assures.

The SGE while browsing "experiment" is only available to users who opted-in to the SGE program, and it's not the only update planned by Google for the upcoming days. The AI search experience will now include AI-generated, preview definitions for terms included in AI-generated responses for topics related to science, economics, history, and more.

Google is also improving AI-powered search for programming-related questions with color-coded syntax highlighting, which should provide faster identification of keywords, comments and strings. The feature will help both novice and experienced programmers benefit from the new tools brought by the generative AI revolution.

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