Cif Single Chip

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Mar 7, 2006
  1. josh352

    josh352 TS Rookie

    i need a CIP Single chip installment because i lost my CD-ROM to my webcam

    Help me please
  2. alexvanyan

    alexvanyan TS Rookie

    I've problem with Genius Eye 110 cam.
    If someone knows where to download "CIF single chip" driver for it i'd be verry happy)))
    please send me if u have on: email removed !
    Thankz in advance! ;)
  3. hoobabooba

    hoobabooba TS Rookie

    Try this...

    Here are the drivers
  4. kiwifrucht

    kiwifrucht TS Rookie

    My webcam is the Genius Eye 110 and I managed to find all the drivers needed from the Genius website BUT..... I'm running a Vista 64-bit OS and every driver I have downloaded (including the one from the installation cd) has failed because it was not "digitally signed." I had this webcam running perfectly on a Vista 32-bit OS (same computer, different harddrive), but since it came back with the new hard drive, the webcam hasn't worked at all. Any advice or information on this problem would be very much appreciated!
  5. dilshan

    dilshan TS Rookie

    hi all

    if u using a GENIUS eye 110, dont install the driver first,

    if u first install the cam drive and after install the support software and if the cam doesn't work properly, uninstall the software
    and try this steps
    first u have to install the other software in the cd and last install the driver for cam and restarts the pc,
    when the pc boot press the hold the button on the cam,
  6. kiwifrucht

    kiwifrucht TS Rookie


    I managed to figure that one out after posting here .. :S

    I didn't have to do so much as you suggested though. I installed the Crazytalk programmes first, then the Webmate software, restarted and then went through the Device Manager and installed the driver locating it from the installation cd (I guess this would also work if you located it on your hard drive if you had to download it).

    This worked easily and FINALLY a successful installation.

    I hope my woes help other eye 110 webcam users!! X-D
  7. Steven60946

    Steven60946 TS Rookie

    Targus USB Camera (Cif Single Chip)

    Ok I found which one I had by looking at the end of the usb cable on the webcam on a sticker I didn't even notice lol. I have a single chip webcam, darned thing says HP on the front of it right? Says CIF single chip in device manager. After looking up the vender and product ID found drivers but non of them worked. Winds up it was made by targus. Heres the link. Hope this helps others, its got a picture too to help you match it up.

    Lmao or not, ok go to select your country then click downloads across the top then on the bottom click the drop down for workspace enhancement and select product AVC0101LA.

    It wouldn't let me post a link b\c this is my first and only post, Sry.

    Mod Edit:
    This one ;)
    It's 397.5Meg !
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