Civ V Gods and Kings missing textures

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Jun 21, 2012
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  1. Just got this game and after install im having massive problems

    DX11exe crashes to desktop, tried compatibilty options, no joy.

    DX9exe runs the game but when you play it keeps prompting""Unable to load texture []". You can hit ok and alt-tab back into the game but it does this every turn. can anyone help?
  2. Ranger12

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    First I would make sure all your drivers, especially video drivers, are up to date.
    If that doesn't help try uninstalling it and re-installing it.
  3. Maximi1ian

    Maximi1ian TS Rookie

    Solution for the DX9 problem:


    or 4 short:

    Edit Babylon.Civ5Pkg with an EDITOR (do not save as .txt File!)

    Found: Your_PATH_to\Sid Meier's Civilization V GotY\assets\DLC\DLC_Deluxe\Babylon.Civ5Pkg

    In the File scroll to the END and look for: </Civ5Package>
    Insert just above this line the following:

    Save the File and ur good to go! (This works with DX10/11 too - if u have the missing Texture Error)

    Just 2 be sure ... the end of your edited file have to look like this:



    Good luck, M@x

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  4. Pedduck

    Pedduck TS Rookie

    What kind of Editor I have to use?
    Notepad is not working.
  5. haynesteve

    haynesteve TS Rookie

    Thanks - worked a treat
  6. Doragvas

    Doragvas TS Rookie

    The solution here:
  7. nismo96

    nismo96 TS Rookie

    it worked!!!!!!!!!! big 10x to you and the guy from the other forum
  8. SleipX

    SleipX TS Rookie

    Hello, I followed the instructions, added the missing lines but it is still not working.

    The only thing I might have done differently is that I edited the file with notepad. But I didnt save as .txt, its still .CIV5PKG.

    Im uploading a pic showing what I added

    Please tell me what I did wrong.

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