cloning cd's with legitimate purpose

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Apr 13, 2005
  1. ok, so ive had diablo II for a while now, (snicker all you like) and id like to make an image of it to run from my harddrive, but the program i used to use went out of availability some time ago (clonecd). is there anything else out there for free i could use to make an image of my cd. i know alchohal 120% works but i want something free i can use again and again, (for more than just diablo II)
  2. iss

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    CloneCD 5 is alive and kicking you can get it from you should be able to use ISO buster to create and ISO image of your CD.

    there is also an application called game drive which allows you to rip your games to hard drive as images and monts them so you can play them. it isnt freeware but it isnt expensive ( around 19.00 US)
  3. jackblackness

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    thank you, i ran a search for it the other day and must have pulled up the old you very much
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    I too have an older CloneCD v4202, bought from Elby in 2003.
    Apparently the Elby-key no longer works on the new Slysoft version.
    Appropriate name SLYsoft!
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    I am personally in support of the idea that games sould be local network playable without having to buy a cd for each machine (Microsofts Age of Empires is a reasonable example of what I mean). For instance, I have two computers in the same room for this purpose.

    Considering it unfair that I should be expected to buy a second copy of a game I already own, I tried copying the diablo two 'play disc' isuing ISO buster. I copied the cd in RAW format to ISO, replacing the bad sectors with identicle bad sectors. I tried both mounting that image as a drive using Daemon Tools, and writing the ISO to cd, and in neither case would the game run. It just wouldn't recognise the disk! Darn that Diablo 2! I only bought it for local network play!

    What REALLY bothers me, is that I acctually used this method to copy a modern game as a backup some time ago, and it worked perfectly! (I do have a tendancy to scratch my cd's to extinction!).
  6. jackblackness

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    i too agree with the idea of non-licensing closed network gameplay. especially because there is no other multi-player mode on modern games.
  7. iss

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    when SlySoft purchased CloneCd they instituted a new key system you can exchange your old key for a new one by contacting slysoft.
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