[Closed] Application cannot be executed. The file *** is infected. (2?)

By Crashed3Degree
Jan 25, 2011
  1. The problem sounds similar to this guy's. It mirrors it pretty well. There's AVG, it won't open. Task Manager closes a split second after opening with a "Security alert" accompanying it(which it does for the other programs).

    We turned the computer back on and it will let us open AVG, but not do a scan. It still will not keep the Task Manager open.

    It gives me popups like it does for the linked guy.

    I disconnected the ethernet cable around 30 mins. or less after I found out about the virus.

    Through the administrator's user account we were able to scan with AVG and it found nothing. It doesn't act up like it does on the other account in any way. It seems to only affect the user account I got the virus with(and I can't use AVG on it).

    It is a work computer. It has some sensitive information like SSNs, addresses, and phone numbers.

    I can't do the 8-steps on the account I got the virus on, should I enter safe mode or use the administrator's (seemingly) clean account?

    Regarding the antivirus scanning(Step 1), if I have AVG but it won't work because of the virus, should I install one of the two you have suggested and use that?

    (I'm using another desktop in the office to post this and have a memory stick with the 8-steps programs on it. [Avira, TFC, MBAM, GMER, DDS)

    Thanks a lot. If you can help me in any way, that would be great.
  2. Bobbye

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    This is not a system that should be handle by us. You need to get the IT person. I would not take the responsibility. We can do anything without seeing what's on the computer and you cannot/should not display it.

    If I knew you had my Social Security information and was posting on a free, internet computer board, I would take great issue with it.

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