[Closed] Wsod?

By mot45
Aug 6, 2010
  1. I'm working with Broni on a problem (see “Windows XP - slow performance and _helper.sig pop-up on start-up” thread).

    After posting OTL Run Fix and Quick Scan logs in that thread this morning, I rebooted the computer and left for work.

    My wife woke up and used the computer a little (e-mail). Then she came in the room and saw what she termed the White Screen of Death.

    - Ctrl-Alt-Delete had no effect
    - Pressing and holding the power button on the CPU had no effect
    - She unplugged the computer; waited 20-30 seconds and plugged it back in. Upon pushing the power button on the CPU, the white screen reappeared. No opening screens came up, just a white screen.

    As always, any help is much appreciated.

  2. mot45

    mot45 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I told my wife to turn the computer off for several hours. I called her and asked her to turn it on. It booted up fine.

    So something is overheating?

    Understand this may not be a Virus/Malware issue, but I want to make sure since I was already here for a Virus/Malware problem.

  3. Broni

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