(Code 10) on network PCMCIA card

By Brassrazzu
Jun 26, 2006
  1. I have just installed Windows 2000 on my Dell CPx-H laptop and now I get an (code 10) on any PCMCIA card I put in to the PC. FOr some reson win 2000 das not auto see the card typ I have to manually pick the driver for it. I have download and installed all the drivers from Dell web site for win 2000. The network PCMCIA cards I am trying are Netgear FA410 and Xircom PS-CE2-10 thay both get the (code 10) ones the drivers are installed . I have tested the Netgear FA410 in A Toshiba useing XP and A IBM useing 98se and the card work ok with the OS auto seeing the card typ . I have remove and reinstalled the cards and drivers I have tryed manually configing the resource on the cards tho the netgear das not have that opson in device manager. Iam now lost to what the problem may be HELP!
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