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Compaq PSU 6-pin connector plugs onto Mobo near IDE

By craigwatanabe ยท 4 replies
Feb 25, 2006
  1. Okay I've searched up and down the web and can't find anything about this connector.

    First off this is a 300-watt Compaq PSU from a Presario 7000 Desktop.

    This Compaq computer won't power up. When I installed a standard ATX-12 PSU, the green light on the mobo came on but because most ATX-12 PSU's don't come with this very proprietary connector the computer failed to boot up. The CPU fan didn't even twitch. But the mobo green light AND the PWR LED on the front of the case lit up. Neither lights came on with the original Compaq PSU.

    This connector is white and labeled "P8" and is a 6-conductor white plug. The overall size is similar to the power connectors you plug into your hard drive and other IDE devices. It looks like an oversized floppy drive connector. The wiring colors are: Red, Orange, Orange, Black, Black, Black.

    I've traced the wires and here's where they go to the PSU's circuit board:

    Red - connects to the same red lead on the IDE power connectors
    Orange - connects to the same orange leads on the main power (mobo) connector
    Black - connects to what looks like the PSU's chassis ground.

    It looks pretty straight forward and I could probably modify a standard ATX-12 PSU to a Compaq PSU by snipping off this 6-conductor plug and splicing into a generic PSU's standard wiring.

    But before I attempt this, is there anyone out there that knows the pin configuration on a standard/generic ATX-12 PSU and a Compaq PSU?


  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,679

  3. craigwatanabe

    craigwatanabe TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Thanks for the link. I went to it and was quite impressed with it. This should help me immensely.


  4. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,122

    did you say p8?

    That brings back memories! does it have 6 leads in the order of

    1 - Orange = PG (Power Good)
    2 - Red = +5 V
    3 - Yellow = + 12 V
    4 - Blue = -12 V
    5 - Black = GND
    6 - Black = GND

    P8 is an old AT power supply connector, found still on some ATX power supplies. It has a corresponding P9 connector, but you don't want to know about that as it's wired completely differently :)

    What you're looking at then is a board that's still making the transition from AT to ATX - I've seen a few power supplies still offering p8 over the past couple of years - even newish ones, but never a mainboard that required it!

    WARNING Getting it wrong could seriously damage your health. Well, raise your stress levels anyway. Be aware that sometimes Pin 2 (red) on p8 is n/c, and on an ATX power supply Orange is +3.3v, but on P8, Orange (pin 1) is PG (+5v when all becomes powered up and stable).
  5. craigwatanabe

    craigwatanabe TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    No the color code is definately red, orange, orange, black, black, black. No brown at all.

    I've traced these wire out back to the PSU these wires connect directly to the same color wires on the standard 20-pin mobo connector. This is definately a more current ATX power supply as it also has the 4-pin +12vdc Molex connector making this PSU an ATX-12 type that plugs near the Intel P4 CPU.
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