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Compatability of GeForce 9600GT and Dell XPS 410

By Vigs072
Jul 29, 2008
  1. As far as i know the EVGA GeForce 9600 GT should work in my Dell XPS 410 as far as Compatibility is conerned.

    Ex: they both use PCI-E x 16

    My Question is does anyone know if there would be any clearance issues inside the case? At 9 1/2 inchs the Card is much longer than my current 7900gs.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. BAW

    BAW TS Rookie Posts: 16

    if your case is big enough thats no problem! as far as i can see! yer I don't think (being a user of 7900 GS) it would fit in my machine!
  3. bigtex07

    bigtex07 TS Rookie

    After viewing a few different pictures, if you have the original tower still, then you will have clearance issues inside your tower... If you really wanted to upgrade however, you might try looking for a different cooling system for your CPU. The current cooling system is too bulky for you to really put anything extra in there...
  4. motisa

    motisa TS Rookie

    xps 410 with 9600 gt

    I just installed a nvida 9600 gt in my xps 410 a couple of days ago. it fits in the case with no problems at all.
    the specs call for a 400 watt power supply, but the xps 410 has a 375 watt. it runs flawlessly with the stock 375 watt power supply.
    The my windows experience index score went froma 3.0 to a 5.1
    I can play COD4 mulitplayer on 1024x768 with everything maxed out. I get about 50-60 fps.
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