Comptuer lags until reboot after playing games

By GrimmPC
Aug 31, 2015
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  1. Greetings and thank you for taking a minute.

    My new computer has been driving me nuts lately and I cant seem to find the reason why. When I'm only using the internet it works fine, its when I play games that the issues begin. my computer is a oem:

    atc 603 eb12
    operating system - windows 7
    processor - I7 7490
    ram - 16 gigs
    gpu - nvidia gtx 745

    its not really a gaming machine that I would like so I've got a new graphics card and power supply in mind but I'm beginning to wonder if my issue is not what I think. Now as I said when I'm not gaming it works just fine, when gaming it did seem to be only certain games that would do it. now mostly all games are causing my issues. my issues have been:

    hiccups - computer lag, I can painfully close the game but when I'm at my desktop the problem does not go away so I restart and its fixed, kinda. when it lags my computer is almost unusable but I can still restart it but sometimes it black screens, sometimes comes back out of the black screen or the computer restarts on its own. this is happening for almost all my games but it used to be just a few at first. also the painful part I mentioned was the mouse "dragging" or slowing down and stopping. If I do not quickly stop using the mouse after the slowdown begins, the entire system will usually freeze and cannot be recovered without power cycling the PC. If I stop using the mouse in time, the system will recover to the painful part where the dragging begins.

    now the gpu is crap, I know, but the games I'm playing are not all super high end. I know a little computer stuff so I've downloaded gpu-z and what seems to happen is the gpu core and memory clock are maxed everything is fine then it tells me my fan cuts out (I've installed nvidia settings so I can set the fan to 65% and gpu-z reads the same) so a drop from 65% fan use to 0. the core and memory clock are still maxed and sometimes the load on the gpu and the controller stay as well, sometimes they go away but I'm still lagging. I then have to restart my computer to use it.

    so that leaves me to believe its the gpu that's the problem, or is it? the gpu does not overheat, only reaches about 80 Celsius at most. I did crack my case open while it was on and the fan was kinda spinning so what then? and why does the computer restart sometimes? to protect itself right? so I downloaded cpuid HWMonitor and watched all the temps. in the motherboard section the systin(system?) got to about 65 and then my computer restarted.

    I'm no computer expert by any means but I don't know if that's something or nothing at all. I've ran malwarebytes, defraged, completely removed gpu drivers and reinstalled, and looked tirelessly on the internet for someone with similar issues but no luck. if anyone has any idea, or needs more information please ask as id really appreciate the help.

    also I've not overclocked or changed(excluding the nvidia system tools) any of windows systems in any way. computers maybe a month and a half old. steam is my friend and only other programs I've installed are computer monitoring tools. I have however download a stress test to see if it was my cpu and memory but nothing happen, ive got a gpu stress test im going to try to see it that can make my computer lag too. games I've played are: ARK, Anno 2070, Subnautica, Empyrion, Stonehearth, Besiege, defence grid 2 just to name a few.
  2. jobeard

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    Let's verify some settings, but first reboot to get a clean, usable system.

    get a command prompt and keep it throughout this test.
    click on the icon in the window bar upper-left->properties
    On the option tab, [x] both QuickEdit mode and Insert Mode; click ok.
    This enables copy/paste of the window contents.

    type ipconfig /all
    look for the Local Area Connection and it will have the DNS Servers
    SELECT from the Local Area Connection everything to the NetBIOS over Tcpip
    right-click will then COPY the selection.
    open Notepad and paste the results
    Play some game for 10-20 seconds and then quit. If that then causes the Lag, proceed to Test-2. Otherwise play some other game or whatever it takes to see the Lag symptom again.

    in the command window, repeat test-1 again and copy/paste that result into Notepad.
    I suspect the DNS addresses will be different. If so, copy/paste the entire Notepad contents as your follow-up

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