Computer boot up problems

By ez0k
Feb 18, 2005
  1. hello, i own a HP omnibook xE2. Its a fairly old computer but i still use it alot. The problem is when i try to turn it on it freezes during bootup.

    the computer will show the HP omnibook startup screen, the fan will go on, all the normal power/battery/cd drive lights will go on like normal and then the fan will just turn off and the screen will freeze. It never even makes it to the windows startup screen. the only way i can change this start up process is right when the hp omnibook screen comes up i press F2, then it changes the words "staring up" to "entering setup mode" but then it freezes anyway. while it is frozen the cd drive will still open and if i put in a cd the computer acts like it trys to read it but nothing happens. ive tryed putting the windows 2000 start up disk in it but that doesnt work either.

    can anybody tell me why this might be happening? the computer worked fine 5 hours ago and it has not been moved or touched since i last shut it down.
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    I have had similar problems with a fujitsu. First, what kind of shape are the batteries in. One is the main, and one holds the CMOS info. Some models, will not boot if the cmos battery is dead. Also, there is an internal switch, that switches from ac to battery power. Sometimes it sticks. To cure this, remove main battery, and unplug, and let set for a few minutes to clear out. May need to hit power button to clear. Then plug it in and restart.

    Good Luck
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