Computer freezes 2-5 minutes after logging in

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Nov 9, 2008
  1. Bobbye

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    As one so poetically put it: "this is the harbinger of impending disk failure"

    It may be possible to remap the bad area of the hard drive so its not used without affecting XP but generally speaking, No.
    Probably your last chance. Advise back up anything you don't want to lose.

    Turn off the computer and go buy your new hard drive now. If you get it retail, the new drive will come with software that will copy the old drive to the new one. Just follow the instructions.

    The new drive should come with software to copy the old drive to the new. Follow the directions exactly. Once copied remove the old drive, and boot only with the new drive in the system. If the new drive doesn't have the software with it download it from the drive manufacturer's web site. I would suggest you do this asap. You don't know when the old drive may fail and then you won't be able to copy it.
  2. adweston

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    That S.M.A.R.T. status is very clear indication your hard drive is pretty much done. Replace it immediately.
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