Computer freezes

By Sparten316
Jul 25, 2013
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  1. I in the last day have been experiencing increased hiccups. Anywhere between 10-40 seconds of time where the entire computer just stops functioning. I can't move the mouse, sometimes the sounds stop other times not. The mouse is also usually messed up afterwords like it doesn't know where it is at on the screen. My first thoughts were indeed my Hard drive which was not meant for every day use and the cpu. however I monitor my cpu and ram all the time. Hard drive has been working great. I should have no problems at all. My whole set up is about a year old. All components were bran new when I installed them. This is just depressing. The only thing I am going to try at this point is going back to a restore point.

    (I realize I am bringing this thread back to life, but this was really the only most helpful thing I could find after a couple searches.)
  2. Tmagic650

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    What are the computer's specs? What version of Windows are you running?

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