Computer freezing when doing stuff on the internet

By Timberstone · 9 replies
Jun 30, 2010
  1. Computer freezing randomly

    My computer freezes when I watch videos on youtube or play games or things like that, but it doesn't freeze when I read my mails, write mails, go to this forum, or just not doing anything, ... It just occurs when I watch vids or play games like I already said.
    I really don't know what cause this could have, I already checked my computer for viruses and used a registry cleaner a few times which fixed all the errors (about 1400...). This also occurs when I do those things offline. The computer doesn't freeze right away when I start a game or watch a vid. It happens between 20 seconds-10 minutes (or rarely 15 minutes max). When it happens, my screen just freezes, the sound also stops and I hear a weird noise for a fraction of a second. The only thing I can do after that is reboot... I've had this problem for like 3-4 weeks now and it's really getting annoying and it just suddenly started one day.

    EDIT: It's getting worse, my computer just froze while typing in google... , seems to be freezing more random now.
    Ok now it froze again and this time when it froze it began a looooooong beep, continiously. Not from my stereo but from my computer itself like when it boots up but then it's a short beep now it was continious :( . I think my computer is going mad!

    Can someone please help me and tell me how to fix this?
  2. Route44

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    First, we here at TechSpot do not endorse the use of Registry cleaners/fixers because they cause more harm than good.

    Second, Start > Run > Chkdsk > Okay. When it gets to stage 2 does it say "Recovering Lost Files"?

    Third, that Long Beep sounds like a BIOS beep code which points to the hardware cauusing problems. What BIOS does your motherboard utilize? It will be listed in your motherboard manual.
  3. Timberstone

    Timberstone TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Ok, I runned that chkdsk and it went to 100% and then it just shut down. No recovering lost files... I'm sorry but I really don't know that much about computer hardware and I don't know where to find my motherboard manual so I don't know what BIOS my motherboard utilizes...

    But: That beep code only occurred once in like hundreds of freezes!

    Also, if I would use a ghost to reset all my system hard drives to before I even had internet, would the problem be gone?

    Thanks for your help :)

    Ok I found it using some program called AIDA32, it says the following about my bios:

    BIOS Properties:
    ____BIOS Type____________________AMI
    ____System BIOS Date______________09/20/01
    ____Video BIOS Date________________07/24/01

    ___BIOS Manufacturer:
    _____Company Name__________________American Megatrends Inc.
    _____Product Information________________Can't post link :s post count to low.

    Searched some more and now I THINK that the BIOS is AMI 2 Mb Flash EEPROM.

    Will this help? Thanks

    Ok I just got another weird freeze, the screen froze and became half blue half white (like blue-white-blue), but again, this only occurred once... Weird
  4. Route44

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    How old is this system? Your BIOS is 9 years old.
  5. Timberstone

    Timberstone TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Well, I don't know but I've never had this before :s .
    I think the system is probably about 5 years old... Not sure.
  6. Route44

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    Are you still getting Beeps?
  7. Timberstone

    Timberstone TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    No, that only occurred once... So did the blue screen.
    Trying to search a solution elsewhere but it's still strange it only occurs during games/videos.
    Could it have to do something with DirectX?

    Ok. Would it work/Can I try to use system restore to go back to a date that my computer didn't have any problems? If so, I will use that and hope for the best.
  8. Route44

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    Yes, go ahead and try a system restore.
  9. Timberstone

    Timberstone TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    It didn't work. I tried to restore it to 2 weeks ago, a few days before it started. I couldn't go more back in time than that, but it failed. If I would try the next point which is a few days later, I would still have this problem because then it started. Do you have any other solution?

    Thanks for your help.

    I'm still trying to fix this although I think there may be no solution :(
    I downloaded Speedfan to check if my system is overheating (which I don't rly think so...) while playing games/watching movies. Also checking voltage. BUT as I don't know alot about computers, I'll just post them here and hope u'll help me and tell if there's something wrong or not.
    (I don't know if it's important/related or not but before the problem, it was cold here (in belgium) at like 20°C . When it started it was around 27-30°C)

    Temperatures (Idle): (1 fan - spinning at 5114 RPM)
    TEMP1: 34C (blue down arrow next to it)
    TEMP2: 45C (green check next to it)
    TEMP3: 57C (flame next to it)
    HD0: 46C (green check next to it)

    Temperatures (after 3 mins gaming):
    Exactly the same.
    Except TEMP3 = 59C

    VCORE1: 1,73V_______-12V: 0,39V
    VCORE2: 2,46V_______-5V: -5,86V
    +3.3V: 3,26V__________+5V: 4,95V
    +5V: 4,97V___________VBAT: 3,38V
    +12V: 11,78V

    Thanks again :)

    After searching some more I read that turning up refresh rate from 60 Hertz to 70 Hertz fixed the same problem for someone. I did it too and there is almost no difference (didn't really expect it too). My computer is also saying that there are damaged files and I have to repair them by running chkdsk. After I do that it asks me to revert the lost chains to files or something.

    I think it's a virus. I already checked my computer for viruses but that was with avg 7.5 which has a database of viruses that is 3 years old... The new version won't run on my OS (Windows XP SP1 I think). Does anyone know a good virus scanner? Thanks

    !!!UPDATE!: I found a trojan. Can't get rid of it. I think this is causing my problem. Now i'm making a new thread!
  10. chupacabra12

    chupacabra12 TS Rookie

    Same problem


    I have almost exactly the same problem, except my computer also freezes when listening to music online. It does not freeze when I watch a video offline, but it sometimes does when I'm playing a game (not lately, though). The main problem is watching online videos or entering sites with lots of details. In those cases, it freezes almost instantly. Also, when it freezes, a sound can be heard from the speakers which I can only describe as firing an automatic weapon... only more irritating. Can you help me? P.S. Perhaps I should mention that my brother plays Warcraft and he hasn't encountered any problems yet regarding the above-stated
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