Computer freezing

By Cirion
Aug 27, 2006
  1. Starting 2 days ago my keyboard and mouse will randomly stop working on me. It will start with the keyboard normally. It will either stop working all together, lights going out and non responsive, or it will randomly start typing. the lights will randomly flash also, sometimes the keyboard starts working again after a few minutes, but quickly returns to malfunctioning. The mouse will also stop working, its optical and the light stays on, but the cursor will dissapear. Sometimes the cursor is still present and i can move it but cannot click on anything. When i dont use keyboard much it takes longer for problem to start, it actually hasn't happened if i don't use keyboard. I don't think the computer is freezing, i think its an input issue. I left computer up and running over night for about 8 hours, got on and was working fine, but if i start using keyboard heavily, ie gaming, internet, scrolling, problem reappears. Sometimes once the keyboard fixes itself the keys will be swapped. hitting backstace acts as tildee (~), and so on, just random swaps, thats only happened a few times. I use a PS2 keyboard, ive had it for about 1 year, and a USB mouse. Sorry for long post, hopefully someone has had this problem. I am going to try a new keyboard tonight if possible, but i didnt understand why a keyboard would corrupt a mouse.
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