Computer is not turning on at all, its a strange one

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May 1, 2007
  1. Sup, i'm new to this forum, and i was trolling through it to look for some solutions to my problem, but nothing is really working, and none of it really addresses my computer. Heres the specs to start out.
    Asus A8N32 SLI deluxe mobo
    Amd Athlon 64 3700
    Maxtor Diamondmax 10+ sata2 300 gb
    just bought a new Thermaltake 550watt 24pin SLI ready PSU (old one was BFG 600watt switching power supply sli bla bla...i think one of the cilenders was busted when i opened it up b/c it had tan goo on the copper coils)
    Geforce FX7800 GT OC'd BFG
    dual DDR400 3200 512 sticks.
    the rest isnt neccessary i'de say.

    Anyways, my computer is a monster, well was a monster...about 5 months ago, i started noticing a problem with turning the computer on. Sometimes my computer would get shut down emproperly...(happens to everyone all the time) well one day i shut it down, and i went to turn it back on, didnt change anything about it, just shut it down, was lettin it cool down, it sit for 11 seconds, and i went to turn it on, and nothing, absolutely nothing happened. Well i tryed switching the switch on and off and continuously pushing the power switch and it finnaly turned on. Well this problem accured numerous times over the next 4 months. I would do the same thing, repeatedly push the button over and over and it would start. IT seemed the problem was getting worse as well, as it would take longer and more of my furious pissed of god damnit u piece of **** computer exchanging of words lol and it would turn on...well i went on a 3 week work "vacation" and i shut my computer down before i left, but i didnt unplug it from the surge protector. anyways i came back, and same ol same ol, wouldnt turn on but this never turned on again...dun dun dunnnn....yea thats what i said, friggen ridiculous piece of crap! Well i tryed the new power supply, i know nothing is wrong with it, it turned on another computer, yet still no results on mine. the Cpu fan doesnt even turn. I tryed messin with the power switch, pulled the wires off the toggle and tryed manually connecting them to complete the circuit and see if that would turn it on, but still nothing. CPU shouldnt be fried, i pulled it up, no char's no smell..nothing.. The green led light on the mobo comes on when the power supply is on but thats all. This is driving me up the friggen wall, i have tryed everything sanely possible that i could think of, i even tryed switching the reset with the power supply and using the reset as the power switch, yet no results. So please, some genius out there, tell me whats going on with my poor computer...i'm tired of using this hunk of junk 500mhz compaq...i cant play WoW with that kind of crap!
    I'm about to try to unplug everything from the power supply and see if the power supply fan atleast turns on. also, i'm wondering if the power switch is a specific switch maybe. B/c the switches are identical for the reset and the power, but the cables are saughtered in different areas. Also wondering if thats the case if, i should have a good firm connection back to the power switch b/c we yanked em off and i need to re saughter them back on. Anyways im babbling, please someone help me out, i'm beggin...
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Well, if you get the green light on your mobo, you know that it is recieving power. The problem is probably to do with your power button itself. you could remove the button casing and hook the power cable to the jumpers that are assigned to it on the mobo. If this does not work, try taking a power button from a different computer and try it.
  3. Nottohappy

    Nottohappy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    well we tryed that, we popped off the power button, and took the wires off of the button switch clicker thing, and tryed to connect them to complete the circuit and that didnt work, i'm thinking maybe if u have to have the wires ON a button and u cant just touch them, i think the button creates and arc when u click it, and it sends a small surge to the mobo, if i'm not mistaken. So i think i'm gonna try to find another clicker and see if that works. If my old power supply works, i'm just gonna keep the new one and sell the old power supply.
  4. Omar7287

    Omar7287 TS Rookie

    try this one may it work..
    remove all the connectors of reset switch,Power switch, H.D.D Switch etc from the motherboard and then try to shot the two small a screw driver ..take care.not to shot and two wrong it is mentioned on the motherboard.

    In this way u will know that the problem is with power switch or not.
    rest may b ur mother board got Short.

    coz this happened for me once i replaced the motherboard.

    May be some small screw got touch wid the board and get shorted.

    so try ot this.and tell me wat happens.

    Regards Omar.
  5. captaincranky

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    When soft off turns to hard off....

    The "soft off" function is contained in the PSU, but it is controlled by the ACPI in the computer. You could have a bad PSU, since the green led on the board is being supplied by one voltage rail in the PSU, and there are 4 more, which do other things.
  6. ceegee

    ceegee TS Rookie

    unplug unecessary things, just hd, video card, kb and mouse no cd or floppy try to turn it on. The mb does control the ps, i have seen bad ps with the mb led light on. i also had a floppy drive keep a system from turning on.
  7. Nottohappy

    Nottohappy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wooooooooot are the man =). I was just sitten here, smokin a bowl...and thought...hmm im gonna try that thing omar said, so i got my screw driver, touched the pegs....BAM we have ignition....Appreciate it man, i'm dissapointed in myself for not thinking of it heh. GJ u got props.
  8. christine cush

    christine cush TS Rookie

    this happend to me recently and if ur computer is still under warranty u should be able to get it repaired within two working days by the manufacturer, in my case that was fujitsu. turned out that the board that connects the battery to the charger had 'blew' and if u try to repair thaturself then ur warrnty becomes void. hope dat helps!
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