Computer keeps crashing

By imbob44
Feb 2, 2009
  1. Hey, I kinda made an account especially for this lol but yeah.. anyway..
    For months I have a problem with my computer. The computer keeps crashing obviously. It keeps crashing so much that I actually formatted my computer and just as I was recovering, it crashes again. Im using XP SP2
    Here is what i figured out

    - The monitor blacks out and music will keep playing over and over. It automatically restarts after a while.
    - After crashing for 1-2 hours (each crash happens every 5-15 minutes), it stops crashing and the computer works perfectly fine after that untill i switch it off for a long period of time.
    - The computer is incredibly silent whe I open it.
    - It still happens even with a format.

    What seperates this from all the other crashes people post is that its NOT constant.

  2. daniel000

    daniel000 TS Rookie

    mayb the actual hard drive has burnt out, mayb try buying a new one ...

    make a fresh start with a new hard drive
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