Computer keeps rebooting after game loses focus

By lala9293
Mar 24, 2007
  1. okay, when i tried to play final fantasy viii (8) on my other comp, it works wonderful actually (no black spots, no graphics malfunction & other stuff) but i tried pressing the alt+tab button to go to the desktop and it doesn't work. so, i tried an another alternative, which is ctrl+alt+del (task manager). yeah, i did go to the desktop, but when i want to continue playing the game back (i pressed the final fantasy 8 tab) my comp suddenly reboots itself...and i dunno why it happened...:confused:

    i tried this "incident" a couple of times just to test the results, and yeahh...everytime i try this the computer reboots itself...(everytime i open the task manager and try to press the ff8 tab), i was wondering, what's wrong with my comp?????? or does it got to do with the game??????

    p/s: i'm 99.99% sure that my computer doesn't have those high temperature issues...coz i just open my comp once a day...besides, it's cool and windy in here...:giddy: :cool:
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