Computer keeps rebooting

By elamb
Jun 9, 2010
  1. hey all, i'm sure this might have already been discussed here, so if it has sorry.

    i have a emachine W3507, (i know i recieved one error message before it froze up. kernel 32.dll might be missing. ok, so i did a full system restore with the op disc. i don't care about loosing anything on this computer, just want it to run again. now it says-- NTDLR is compressed press Ctrl+Alt+ Del to restart. it just loops over and over. can't start in safe mode, i went to other sites to try and fix this and got no where. so, geeks, can you fix it ? thanks, ahh computers lol :)
  2. JMMD

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  3. elamb

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    thanks anyway, that doesn't work. i think i'll just throw it away, and buy a new one.
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