Computer lock-up w/CIV4-DX3D 7 inter. test failed

By agrant
Jan 16, 2006
  1. Hello all, Im having lockups when i begin a new game. I get through the intros and opening menus, begin to enter the game after setting the game up and my computer locks up. A few seconds later, the monitor goes into powersaving mode and I cant do anything at all.
    Direct3d tests in dxdiag are failing for 7 interfaces while everything else is working great! I have an ATI RADEON 9600Pro (128mb i believe), 1.5G of ram, 120GB of memory, an athlon 3200+ (2.8ghz i also believe), so my computer goes beyond minimum requirements for this game. However theres gotta be some setting thats causing this. Ive updated out the wazoo, my drivers, bios, xp to sp2, reinstalled the directx, reinstalled the game, tried the art0.fpk thing, got the patch 1.52, nothing fixes the problem and my computer might not survive me if i finally lose my patience after these last two months and over 100hrs of time. Please help! anything would be greatly appreciated, especially if i can get this directx3d test fixed...i think that might be a root of my problems. all other programs work fine.
  2. senavis

    senavis TS Rookie Posts: 25

    one suggestion i would give is just rollback to an earlier version of display drivers for ur graphics card if possible to check coz ur configuration seems to be good and for the directx is it 9.0c may be the direct3d files got corrupted so just do a clean unistallation and go for a new install package from microsoft..may be this should fix
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