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Mar 20, 2006
  1. Just over a year ago i decided to buy myself a new pc i bought a P4 3.4GHz LGA775 mobo and all the kit and came across a problem in which at random stages the pc began to lockup. At first i put this down to overheating and changed the Case to a coolmaster one with more ventilation, the power supply and upgraded the cpu fan(asus rocket). In the end i came to the conclusion i had just wasted money it had made no change. I then set out and changed the motherboard to an alternate suitable. the same problem still occured. I then got extremely annoyed and thought it was a cpu problem and replaced the mobo and CPU with an AMD 4.2Ghz dual core and Asus A8V-E SE. I also bought a new 250GB maxtor hdd and installed it as the master and did a full install. The problem still persisted. The only two parts i had not changed were memory and the graphics card. so last weekend i went out and wasted some more money on 2Gb twinX corsair memory and a Ati Gecube X1800XL and still the problem persists. I have pretty much bought a whole new machine over the past year as well as the old one that was still top of the range. I think i can eliminate the old CPU and Mobo as the prob as they are now running in my mates pc happily. I did run a memory test on the old memory and found a problem but the new memory has no problem after a clean test sweep.

    i am currently running the following

    4.2GHz AMD X2 S939
    Asus A8v-e SE
    2GB DDR 400 Pc 3200
    Ati Gecube 256mb X1800XL Pci-e
    250Gb maxtor and a 200Gb maxtor (one sata one ide cant remember which)
    1 pioneer DVDR 110 and a Plextor DVD rom
    Coolmaster cavilier 3 case
    Hiper Power Type R 550w ( i think, im at work so this is all from memory)

    I have windows xp Pro installed with every update known to man that i could find inc SP2. All graphics drivers are updated and so are the motherboard drivers.

    Basically the computer will be fine for a while and then all of a sudden freeze. I have recently been playing games on the machine and as i am running it freezes, but when the game kicks back in the charcter has carried on moving. So from this i pressumed possible memory or g card failure but after changing seems doubtful. It makes no difference as to whether your playing a game, watching a film, playing music or typing a document at random intervals the computer still locks.
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    It's a 4200+ not 4.2Ghz, gawd I wish!
    but still a very nice CPU none the less.
    Sounds like something in the video or chipset.
    You have a via chipset so update all the MoBo drivers.
    Try here: Via Arena

  3. e_dale2000

    e_dale2000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wait and see

    i have installed the newer via drivers and i had already updated the graphics card drivers so ill wait and see ill post a reply soon

    thanks for the comments
  4. e_dale2000

    e_dale2000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    still buggered

    right updated the via just had chance to try it now and if anything its worse. anymore ideas?
  5. Frank Smith

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    Suggestion: when all else fails, REVERT BACK TO ONLY MICROSOFT SIGNED DRIVERS - start back at the basics.... when the customer updates (I ask them to keep notes on day.time.driver updated and version.. asking 1 driver at a time... and never faster than after 1 or 2 hours of game time. till the next driver upgrade...
  6. e_dale2000

    e_dale2000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay this will make you laugh

    okay this should make you all laugh, i tried some various things such as plugging into a different plug socket and using an antisurge power adapter still with no luck. So the other night i pulled all the parts outta my case and ran it it booted fine and ran fine but i had no sound. No crashes i was amazed. The i put it all back in the case and it crashed again. I found if i left the PSU on the floor outside the case no crashes. So theres some problem between my PSU being on its own and in the case. But for me it can stay on the floor for the moment it works fine i had it booted for over 6hrs and not one peep out of it, it runs as fast as ever. Any comments on how to get it working with the PSU in the case would be good. Ive ran it for a few days now with the PSU on the floor and its fine. This realy is one wierd PC
  7. Frank Smith

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    either your screws are tooo long or tooo tight twisting the case.
    I'd try nylon screws simply to hold the PSU in the case...
    give that a try.
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