Computer on but no signal from monitor. Help!!!

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May 11, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I bought a computer from a family member. The only thing thats wrong with it is the monitor does not show anything. It stays on stand by. The computer turn on but like the computer i got now when i turn it on it doesnt BEEP. I dont know if its suppose to do it. Its a stocked EmachineT2792 with windows XP Home Edition. If anyone can help please do

    Thanks, 090664
  2. halo71

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    Hey 090664, welcome to Techspot. If you havent already I would recommend you search this site about eMachines computers. There is a whole host of posts about various issues with the eMachines computers includin what you are describing. Just guessing.....I would say your PSU is gone and probably took out you mobo with it. Its just a guess, but they are very prone to that happening! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Do some reading and post back.
  3. Xylander

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    Try plugging in a different monitor to it. If that doesn't allow you to see the screen either...then yeah, you have a bad problem. If your family member sold you a piece of junk with a fried MOBO, I'd prolly go fix that problem first...if you catch my drift. :)
  4. raybay

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    The T-2792 is one of the 14 eMachines models with a high failure rate. In most cases like what you describe, the motherboard has gone dead, sometimes ruining the power supply in the process. (Not the other way around, as in most machines, when the power supply ruins the motherboard.) You can replace the Motherboard for $159.95 plus shipping from eMachines tech support.
    The hard drive, modem, and memory remain good, but without good luck, you will not make a easy fix. If you do not use an eMachines motherboard replacement, the hard drive will not work, and you will not be able to use the three recovery disc set.
    You should, however, test the machine with a borrowed power supply, as sometimes the power supply just fails for no good reason and the motherboard remains OK.
    With some clever hoops jumping, you can use the drive in another configuration and get the Windows XP ID registered with Microsoft over the phone... but the recover discs will still not work as they require the EEPROM code or tattoo of the eMachines motherboard as a condition of the Microsoft license.
    You can buy another motherboard as cheaply as $49, that will be reliable... and buy Windows OEM for $64 if you do not have success with Microsoft registering this version that is on the hard drive... Still a much better option than fixing the computer with eMachines junk. Look for "Motherboard Combos" at various online sites such as,,,,,,,,, and many others. They come with a motherboard and a CPU. You just have to be sure your new board will use the DDR PC2700 or DDR PC3200 memory that is already installed.
  5. 090664

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    Sorry i didn't get back on this one, My internet was down for a few day (Damn Comcast) Anyways i got the computer to work i just unplugged everything i could find in it. Now it just comes up and says no O/S but i don't have a O/S laying around so i'm just gonna let it collected dust till i need a back up. Unless theirs a way to get a O/S free of charge or figer away to copy the O/S i got on this computer to the emachine. If you guys got any idea it would help.

    Thanks, 090664
  6. 090664

    090664 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh yea i miss worded that, i didn't buy it they gave it to me to see if i could get it to work since they got a new computer.
  7. raybay

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    The T-2792 has a bad history. You will likely not fix it with an OS, but with a motherboard. The failure rate on T-2792's over two years old exceeds 50 percent in our part of the world... all motherboards
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