computer restarts wen im loading windows

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Aug 14, 2006
  1. hey guys i have GT5040 and like one time my computer didnt start so i juss pressed the power button and turned it on again. then it pops me up to a black screen and it says windows didnt start normally u have these options safe mode, safemode with networkin, start windows normally. i tried every single thing but no matter wat it will load windows then restart the computer wen i do safe mode it stalls on a file then restart the computer by it self. do u guys have any ideas to stop the restarting?
  2. fastco

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    Boot from the WIndows cd (Assuming it's XP) and do a repair install of XP.
  3. JR028

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    ye i tried doin that but wen i tried to reinstall it it came up with a blue screen and it said windows has to shut down for sum purpose. then it said it was this type of file ddsetup.sys
  4. Mkoll

    Mkoll TS Rookie

    I have the exact same problem. It goes back to the eVGA screen (because of my mobo) over and over when it starts to load windows. When you go to install or boot from the windows cd the error message tells you that it cannot detect a hard disk so it restarts.

    Unofortunately I have no idea what to do....
  5. N3051M

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    Go to recovery console via the Winxp CD, then type in chkdsk /f and then sfc /scannow. Failing that, it may be time to do some good ol' troubleshooting.

    1. Print this if you need it. Turn off the PC, unplug it from the wall socket, touch the case to de-static yourself.
    2. open up the pc, look for
    -damage: strange/burnt smells, popped capacitors, unnatural marks on the motherboards etc
    3. Pull out everything except for your CPU, Motherboard, PSU, HDD, 1 stick of ram, and then use integrated audio/video if possible. try booting now, and/or try recovery console now.
    4. pull out the HDD, and install on another pc available in slave mode, or a IDE>USB HDD case/converter, and see if it can read the HDD. If it can, backup any data you hold precious now. If it can't, download a disk diagnostic utillity from the relavant manufacturer for your hdd: Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, and run the test.

    Mkoll, i beleive you have a thread already "Hard Drive Problems"(?) and is about having trouble installing windows right? Do the above, and also check your Winxp CD is clean, scratchless, or not dodgy. Also, when you do put the cd in are you able to get to the windows installer at all? If you can, when its scanning for your hardware, in which point since you have a SATA HDD you'll need to press F6 to load the third party drivers for the HDD, usualy found in your motherboard's CD. Post the in your other thread, since i've subscribed to it and will help you there, so not to confuse myself fixing 2 people in one go..
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