Computer restarts while playing Battle of middle earth 2

By Goran_Torpare
Apr 28, 2006
  1. I get so ****ing angry. I have a 2,5 Ghz P4, 1 gig RAM and a nvidia 6600 GT. But my comp ****ing restarts 30 min in the game. I read on another forum that the power Supply was the ****ed up problem. But can it really be that? ) w0uld be happy as hell if someone could help me with this one.
  2. applesauce12321

    applesauce12321 TS Rookie

    have u overclocked... if so turn it down a bit
    it could be ur power supply. what is ur wattage.
    aslo it could be ur comp is really low on disc space.
    only things i can think of, how much free space do u have
  3. Goran_Torpare

    Goran_Torpare TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, noone of those options are the problem. I lowerd the Temp this night, on the GPU, the game did just continued acting ****edup. So, i connected the G-card to a singelpowesupply unit, the game continued acting ****ed up. I have 60 gig of free space so that is not a problem either. plz help me someone I am going crazy on my 6600 GT.
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