computer shuts down...

By seans
Aug 25, 2005
  1. Computer randomly shuts down as if the power was pulled, and there's a beep code: one is higher pitched, second one is lower. You have to pull the power plug to turn the beeping off. There is also a red light that goes on, in a part of the motherboard that is for the cpu fan, labeled r315.

    Seems obvious that replacing the cpu fan would correct the situation.... but you can never be too sure.

    Any suggestions besides 'buy a new cpu fan you *****' ?
  2. poertner_1274

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    Yes it sounds like you have a temperature sensor running in the BIOS. I had this same problem, until I got good thermal paste and put it between the CPU and heatsink. If you need to continue using Windows you can always go into the BIOS and turn off the alarms/warnings. But that can certainly cause major damage in the long run.

    So instaed of replacing the fan...btw, does it still spin?
    Try putting good thermal paste like artic silver on there.

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