Computer shuts off & reports overclocking error

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Apr 3, 2005
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    ok i have filled out my system specs and everything else is there anything else i need to let you know, besides the computer shutting off and that the error messages says that it's overclocking when I turn it back on then sometimes when I turn it back on it sometimes turns on and then shuts right back off before it even loads to windows.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    See if you can reset the BIOS back to basics, using either a jumper on the mobo, or take the battery out for a few minutes. Careful you don't break any battery supports.
    Disconnect the PC from the mains when you do this.
    Then boot again and go into BIOS and set it to something like optimal.

    PS: and please use a DESCRIPTIVE title for your posts!
  3. shadow_29

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    check your cpu the fan or the heatsink might have came loose or something and it probably for the message saying that its overclocking......well as realblackstuff said reset the cmos jumper and see if that solves anything,check out any bios update for your mobo.its not a common thing for a mobo to overclock itself,where are you getting the message on the post or in windows?.
  4. bullit6a

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    overclocking problem and shutting off problem

    I checked the heatsink and everything and still the same problem.As for the overclocking problem the bios are already at the default settings i can not change them. man this sucks if i wasn't bald iling my hair out
  5. shadow_29

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    you said the bios are at default,did you just load the fail safe settings from the bios or do clear cmos through th jumper on mobo,it makes the mobo redetect the cpu and might solve your problem.also contact your mobo's customer support for any bios upgrade,might leave the bios upgrade to a pro if you dont know about it.
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