Computer shuts off

By sissymouse
Jun 21, 2009
  1. Hi, my computer shuts off randomly with no explanation. My problem is I had this computer built approx 2 yrs ago and the place that built it is no longer in business. I also never received the Windows CD and did not know this until I had problems. I have taken it 3 times to get it repaired and each time I was told that there is nothing wrong with it. I am an elderly female and I am trying my best to fix it myself but I think I need help. I have changed the surge protector and also the computer power cord, as well as use a different outlet. The error message I get is:
    I am going to try the information RAYBAY gave in April of 2007 and see if this helps. Do you have any other suggestions? My daughter will actually be doing these things. Also, she has the Windows XP disc and do you think that can be used to reinstall a missing file? Do you have any other suggestions? I will write and tell you if these things didn't work, but I was wondering if you can tell me what else you think I should do. I cannot afford a new computer and I was hoping this one would get me through until the end- if you know what I mean! (That's how old I am- but don't tell! ) Thank you, Sue
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    Well, as stated by the error message, you have a missing/corrupt file inside of Windows that needs replacing. Your daughter has a copy of Windows XP, you say? Well, the first thing you need to be sure of is that the Windows CD she has is the same version of the operating system you are using. (Media Center, Home edition, or Professional.) and that it is using the same service pack as the one on your computer.

    You can find out which version of Windows XP you are running and what service pack it has installed on it by going to Start - right click My Computer - hit properties - and viewing the information provided in detail when the new window pops up. If it is not the same service pack, or even the same version of Windows XP, then I would strongly advice against using the CD, as I am not sure how it may react with your current installation of Windows. Especially if you have a different service pack than the CD has..

    Alternatively, you can simply BACK UP all your data that you need and reformat your HDD, then reinstall Windows XP that your daughter has. This would be an option I would choose because of the current age of your operating system and the fact that overtime you will continue to gain more and more problems, as the registry becomes more thrashed, Windows processes become corrupted, as you've seen, etc.

    Finally, I checked the error you were getting and found some relevant links for you to use.
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    We can assume it has worked fine for two years, and is now refusing to run.
    It would be very helpful to know the brand and model, or a description of the computer from an old invoice or other information you have.
    Some likely and common causes is that the power supply has failed, a memory module has failed, or that there is dust, dirt, and lint in your CPU fan, Power Supply fan, or other cooling air location.
    A can of Dust Off (difluoroethane gas) or other canned air (not a vacuum cleaner or compressed air) would be helpful in cleaning it... along with a lightly moistened soft cloth, but make sure you have unplugged the computer from the wall.
    Then, once you reboot, it is relatively easy to remove one memory module, and see if the behavior is the same, then trade memory, and see if there are differences.
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