Computer wont boot up

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Jun 11, 2009
  1. LookinAround

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    First off, glad to help as best i can :)

    And as for your machine and recovering your HD,
    1) we will first try to get your computer to boot from CD. Once we can boot from CD
    2) There's a couple ways to go to try and recover:
    >> First is Full drive recovery. which is ideal (assuming it's possible) and would get you back to a Windows bootable HD drive along with your personal files still on the HD
    >> Second is Personal File Recovery. In this case, we care less about getting Windows fixed on your HD vs. simply getting access to your personal files on your HD so you can copy/save them somewhere

    So first order of business is getting your machine to boot from CD
    1) You should double check your model number (check for a metal tag on your computer will all your info)
    >> fyi.. you reported an hp dv4040us
    >> but the bios info you reported would seem to indicate a dv4030us (it seems when i use it on hp site or search it online)?
    So i just want to be sure
    2) You have an internal CD drive right?
    3) Since you can see the files on the CD it should've been created OK but you might also want to try booting that CD on your friend's computer (if any question about if the issue is the CD vs your computer)
    4) When you first start your computer, you see the HP "flash" screen. Look along the top of the screen (usually to the right) as usually it gives Function key (Fn) options (e.g.
    >> Is there an F-key recovery option? and/or an F-key boot menu option?
    >> As in addition to changing BIOS boot order you'll often find a boot menu where you can manually select the device

    And once we can get your machine booted the FIRST order of business would be to run chkdsk /r so to verify the HD filesystem

    /* edIT */
    and just a reminder, that chkdsk may take a long time to run. Which means waiting for a screen change while running chkdsk to take 30+ minutes before thinking it might be hung
  2. dorno83

    dorno83 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    the computer tag on the bottom says the computer is a dv4040us
    and yes i have an internal cd rom
    i tried the disk in my roommates computer. but his original bootup disk aint working either. the problem is he has the only other computer with xp on it. all the rest have vista.

    and unfortunately it has functions but they r only (esc) - to change boot order (F10) to enter setup (F12) to boot from LAN
  3. LookinAround

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    First, want to reconfirm something I happened to re-read your earlier posts and want to be 100% certain: In post #10 replied with
    So just to double check/confirm that means you already tried tapping F8 on power up and you can’t boot into the Advanced Startup Options Menu either (which would allow you to try Safe Mode boot or System Restore via command prompt )

    And here’s what I’m thinking is most direct way to try recovering your files from your hard drive
    >> We'll attempt to get your data on your HD without trying to fix all of Windows to get there (having to fix Windows first can be a pain. You can do that once you get home with your install disks)
    >> It requires booting from CD (if that keeps failing we can also try booting from a USB flash drive. Do you have a USB flash? You’ll also need USB flash so we can copy and save your files on the USB flash device)
    >> We’re gonna try to first boot from Recovery Console CD to check your HD filesystem (and repair any corruption)
    >> Then we’ll need a new boot disk so we can boot your computer into an alternative Operating System (called Knoppix). Then we'll plug in the USB flash drive and copy your files from HD to flash device (while your computer is running Knoppix - not Windows)

    Note you can test the boot disks on ANY computer. It doesn’t matter if the computer you test with normally runs XP or Vista because you will be booting from CD (and not attempting to boot from the HD which contains XP or Vista)

    Wanted to post the above to get back to you with some info. I’ll be following up to post details/instructions. And see how large a USB flash device you might find

    /* EDIT */
    Here's more info about the chkdsk command. You'll be entering chkdsk /r (once we can boot!)
  4. dorno83

    dorno83 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    oh yeah im able to boot from the cd now :)

    Im running chkdsk /r right now
  5. LookinAround

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    Good deal!! :grinthumb

    Remember it can take a long time. Something like "%complete" display may take 30+ minutes to change on the screen.. so don't jump the gun assuming it may be hanging

    Also... i'm going to point you to one more .iso download for Knoppix.

    Hopefully, this boot CD will make it easy to get to your files (after having done the chkdsk OK)

    Knoppix runs on MOST hardware (let's hope your HP isn't gonna give us grief)

    1) Go to Knoppix home page
    2) Click the Downloads
    3) Select a download site near you
    4) You want v6.01 English so look for a download named KNOPPIX_V6.0.1CD-2009-02-08-EN.iso and download it (that's the big download) and burn it
    5) Also download KNOPPIX_V6.0.1CD-2009-02-08-EN.iso.md5 (is quick download and gives you the MD5 hash for the first download to verify you got it OK
    6) fyi.. just as for other bootable CDs this cd can be tested/worked on any of your bud's computers

    When Knoppix starts, simply hit ENTER (or let it timeout) to select any default options when we first try to start it

    Have you found a USB flash drive? You have one there? Know how big it is? We'll need flash drive to move your files from HD and let you save to USB flash

    /* EDIT */
    >> So once chkdsk is done, you would boot from Knoppix
    >> Hopefully that will boot up and you'll see a new user interface (fairly intuitive tho)
    >> The first icon along the bottom on the left will list all your programs (similiar to Windows)
    >> The icon to its right is a file/folder explorer. You should be able to click it still see all your files?? (we hope!)
    >> Close file explorer. Plug in a USB flash. open explorer. Is the USB recognized? If not, we may need to reformat the USB flash first. So make sure nothing on it that is needed.
    >> I'll post back a bit later with the link for the USB flash drive format routine (should you need it)
  6. dorno83

    dorno83 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    I have a 320 GB external hard drive. used through usb of course
  7. LookinAround

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    Actually, that should be just fine too. (I kept thinking in terms of a USB flash drive for use both as
    >> a bootable device and
    >> file storage (for saving your HD files)

    But since you're booting just fine from CD an external USB HD should fit the bill!) :)
  8. dorno83

    dorno83 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    alright lookinaround,

    Got the computer up and running did a bunch of test. found nothing else wrong.
    did the backup through knoppix and everything is all good.

    I greatly appreciate your help.

    Thanks again :grinthumb
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