PC wont boot properly 100% of the time


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Hey guys,

I am having issues with a computer I just built, it doesn't boot properly when first pressing the power button.
It turns on, displays a signal on my monitor with the spinning circle dots (which I believe is Windows), and then goes black again, I wait and then my monitor tells me no signal.
After this happens, I tried to type in my pass word without the use of a monitor by clicking any button once and then typing in the 4 digit pin.
Usually when I log into Windows successfully, my keyboard and mouse change colour.
However, this obviously did not work.

Some times it will boot up normally but about more than 50% of the time, I run into this issue.
My case (Fractal Design Meshify C) has a reset button on the front, which allows it to work after not booting properly.
However I would like to fix this issue, rather than use this method as I am scared it could mess something up.

I asked someone at a computer store about it and someone said it could be my windows could be corrupted so to try to reinstall a new windows.
But before I wipe everything I set up on my computer I want to see if theres any other possible solutions before that!

I am new to this whole PC world so I do not know much in terms of troubleshooting so any help here would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!


Windows 10 Home 64bit (not activated yet)
AMD Ryzen 3700x (Cooled with a Noctua U12A)
B450 Tomahawk Max
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super
ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 16GB DDR4 32000 Memory
Intel 660p Series 1.02 TB NVME SSD
Fractal Design Meshify C
Corsair TX550M 650W 80 PLUS Gold

Plus two 140mm 4 -pin fan from Fractal Design


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If you can see the booting process or enter bios, it should be the os (windows) or corrupted hard disk that prevent you from booting into login screen.


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Thank you, I don't use a hard disk, could it be my SSD instead? (intel 660p)
My bad, I don't see see all the specs. Corrupted SSD is unlikely, SSD is more reliable than traditional Hard Disk. It should be the OS. Try using recovery media or your windows installation media (if you have it) to reset the Windows (Keep My Files) . If you don't. Try to reset it when you successfully boot into windows.
- Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery. Under Reset this PC, select Get started.