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Computer won't go into standby

By emorich
Dec 19, 2009
  1. Hey guys,

    I put my compute into standby every night to make the fans etc turn off in the computer to quiet it down. for the past two days though when i hit the standby button the screen says it's preparing to standby, the monitor turns off, and nothing else happens. i can't get it out of this state no matter what i tried until i did a hard shut down.

    then, when i turn it back on the screen stays in... i guess standby. basically the computer makes all appearances of turning back on without the monitor. the only way i've found to fix it is (strangely enough) turning it back off, removing the SLI connection, and turning it back on.

    i would think the card or one of the video cards is bad, but if, once it's working again, if i turn it off and put the card back in it works fine.

    Please help!!!! thank you thank you
  2. ManQu

    ManQu TS Rookie

    Check BIOS setting for other devices booting the system, say from a modem ,LAN or even a PCI slot,these might need disabling..
  3. WolfKing92

    WolfKing92 TS Rookie

    Try right clicking on your desktop, and going to properties.Click the screensaver tab and go into the "power" option. The "power schemes" tab should pop up and you can try and ajdust when the system shuts off hard drives and things like that. See if that helps.
  4. emorich

    emorich TS Rookie Topic Starter

    turns out the SLI thing isnt the problem, it just needs to be turned off and on twice. the SLI card just happened to be the first thing i tried. the power options all seem to be fine, plus it seems to be getting stuck half way into standby, not skipping it altogether. i looked at the bios, but i'm not really sure what i should be looking for... this is really annoying though.
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