ComScore: Android usage soars, iPhone stalls, Windows Mobile dives

By Matthew ยท 28 replies
Mar 10, 2010
  1. Yoda8232

    Yoda8232 TS Rookie Posts: 145

    Ways to become more successful with these devices:
    Android: Become available worldwide with a good price and improve 3rd party applications.
    iPhone: Add customization/add-on features such as expandable memory, FM radio (pretty standard).
    Windows Mobile: New refresh OS with lots of support from developers with a HUGE 3rd party application store. Also needs upgradable features like expandable memory.
  2. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    I know. I'm to poor/ don't need a smart phone, but I have played with a couple friends different iCrap devices, and a friend has the Nexus One. Love the Nexus One soooo much more than the iCrap.

    Man I love my RAZR!!! It has been great to me. I know a lot of people say they are delicate, but man I have put this thing through a lot of punishment, and it still keeps ticking!!! I did have to replace one RAZR - got it used from a friend for $10.00. It still more or less works, just have to have it on speaker phone, but that thing is like 5 years old, and flew outa a car window once on the highway!!!!
  3. DryIce

    DryIce TS Rookie Posts: 60

    Maybe when Apple releases iPhine OS 2.0 they'll gain back some of their lead. Maybe.
  4. bigclick

    bigclick TS Rookie Posts: 49

    234 mobile subscribers in the US? I find these numbers highly suspect. Don't confuse me with facts without clarification please.
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