Confuzzed computer - will it, won't it

By Tritton ยท 51 replies
Feb 25, 2009
  1. Sharam

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    Sorry Ryantech but I'm somewhat lost with the optical drive issues, you had both connected the way you described, installed XP using one of them (don't know the one that gives you problem or the other) you might have also used either one to install drivers or applications (we don't have this information) and one of the drives or both are giving you problems now.

    Trying your drives in another system is a good idea, do this one at a time, what is the make of the drives, like, if it is LG, there is a firmware check and update utility available.
  2. Tritton

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    the DVD RW has all worked the whole time and used that to install everything
    It has been DVD ROM that hasn't been working
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