connecting computer speakers to dvd player

By sourabh · 4 replies
Mar 11, 2005
  1. i have amw s99 dvd player. i want to connect my computer speakers to the dvd player but dvd player has different type of jack for that i had bought a conversion cable from market. when i connect speaker to that it works but only the left speaker. i had changed every settings but nothing works. i also connect my headphone but same with them. dvd player has two jack(left speaker and right speaker) i tried both but the same problem occurs. can anybody help m in doing so. please help!!!!
  2. Nodsu

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    What kind of a cable did you buy and what kind of connectors do your speakers and DVD player have?

    If the DVD player has RCA connectors for audio out then you need to connect them both to get stereo sound.
  3. sourabh

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    i had bought a cable with on side raca connector(male) and otherside minijack stereo connector(female). speakers has minijack stereo connector and dvd has 2 rca audio connector 1 vedio connector and 1 digital connector.
  4. Nodsu

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    Only one RCA on that cable?

    You need one with two RCA plugs at one end so you can connect both left and right channels.
  5. kourso

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    Same Hookup to DVD Player

    I am trying to hookup external speakers to my Audiovox 8" portable DVD player.
    The sound is low even at max volume. I have a set of altec lansing pc speakers (powered) that I would like to try. Can you tell me if that would work w/o blowing out the DVD player audio output. I think the audio out is a RCA jack which my pc speakers have, when I plug in to the DVD player do I have to have the AC power adapter plugged in and will I have sound on both speakers ??
    I am only wanting to try this otherwise I will buy some small speakers that I saw at Wal Mart that are unpowered and for CD/DVD and Laptop PC's.
    Does this sound even romotely workable? Please let me know asap.
    Oh, I have a brother in law that plugged a TV sound system into his Sony TV and some kind of way blew out the TV sound/?? Can someone tell me how that could have happened?
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