Constant freezes at high processor usage, but! only at 1gig ram... -_-

By El Pollo Diablo
Mar 7, 2006
  1. I kept getting freezes when (it seems like) I used alot CPU, graphics card or RAM activity. It often starts warning me with screen going black for a second, then going back to normal, windows graphics sticking on screen or icons turning black. Ending in a freeze with what seems like a video issue (screen distorted horizonticaly, loads of pink cubes or just a basic freeze).

    The freezes came a while back, whitout any real reason it seems. Plus it seems to freeze when I scroll in internet explorer with loads of flash stuff (not in firefox o_O), and also freezes quiet quickly in maya, a 3D graphics program. So generally I guessed just heavy use of anything :p

    Now to try to solve it I've installed pc probe, which kept giving warnings of around and occasionally below 2.9v for the 3.3v rail. I've tried a clean version of windows xp which didn't work, changed things in my bios a bit, with no effect, and in the end removed some ram (I believe I read here that this could be an issue aswell).

    Having removed 512 ram, the problem seems to be solved, but it doesn't really matter which one of the two I remove, and in which slot I put them. As long as I use 512mb instead of 1gig. Now pc probe hangs around 3,1v, and no weird video freezes so far. Anyone that can give me any info or suggestions on this would be great, thanks!

    My system is a;

    P4 2.6
    ASUS p4c800 deluxe motherboard
    1 gig ram (512 now)
    Geforce FX 5600 128mb (newest nvidia drivers)
    Windows XP home
    420w topower PSU
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