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Constant freezes, BSOD (mainly 0124)

By Triplicarius ยท 4 replies
Dec 16, 2013
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  1. Hey guys, I'm at my wits end trying to solve my problems with my PC. For the past month I've been experiencing constant freezes (screen, mouse etc freezes, screen randomly goes black, but system remains on. Both require resets to use again) and BSOD's.

    There's no pattern in these crashes as they occur at random moments. Sometimes when the PC is on for a few minutes, others after hours. Either way, I experience at least 5-10 crashes per day depending on how long I require to use my computer.

    I've tried numerous suggestions to try and solve my problem, but none have worked. I've ran memtests for 10 passes each, testing each ram individually in each slot. One stick came back faulty after pass 2, so I removed it, but still received the crashes. I've also ran prime95 for 2 hours without any problems reported and my temps were perfectly fine with the CPU not passing 50. I also have checked to ensure I have no overclocking occurring, reformatted hard drive, reinstalled windows, tried driver verifier to see if I could force a BSOD (system only crashed with no minidump report), updated drivers to latest and updated BIOS as well.

    The only time I can use my computer without it risk of crashing is a power save mode that game from a motherboard utility called EPU-Engine 4. Without it, my PC remains in a normal/full performance mode that ultimately causes my computer to freeze with or without the utility installed. I've also noticed that despite a few occasions, my computer doesn't crash if I'm in a game and would tend to crash immediately upon leaving it, but I don't know if this is a coincidence as I've not been able to play much any way.

    A final thing I'd like to mention is that these problems are very similar to ones that happened 2 years ago with my system and finding old minidump files, seem to hold the same information as the ones I've been getting recently. I took it to a technician and he told me it was my HDD, but resolved the issue. I still have the same PC and components as I did when the PC last ran into problems like this. Could it be possible that the HDD could be causing these crashes and BSOD's? I'll upload both sets of dmp files to see if anybody can help me.

    minidump OLD are the reports from years ago when I had the same issues with my computer
    minidump RECENT is a collection of BSOD minidump reports from the past week. I can get even more from before that day if required.

    I appreciate any help anybody can give me.
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    The recent dumps are pointing to a hard drive issue for sure...
  3. Triplicarius

    Triplicarius TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey, thanks for your reply.
    I just wanted to ask for you could be so sure? The thing that baffles me is that despite my suspicions, the HDD passed both a diskcheck by windows and a health check using the manufacturers tool.

    Thanks again for your reply.
  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    What is the hard drive's make and model?
  5. Triplicarius

    Triplicarius TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My HDD is a 500GBSeagate Barracuda ST3500418AS
    My external HDD is a Western digital elements 1tb external desktop harddrive (WDBAAU001OHBK)


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