Coronavirus lockdown causes global emissions to fall


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I would not be surprised if she is actually thinking maybe humanity will learn something from this until she wakes up and realizes humanity will just keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
Humanity can't learn from its mistakes.
Lemme solidify our doom with one simple word. Greed.
So I dunno what it is like elsewhere, but again lets go with the good old UK who have a bunch of privileged school boys ( it is who you know, not what clearly) running the country into the ground.
Now back in the 90's we lost all our pension money thanks to a guy gambling on the stock market and he was doing really well... and f'd it up.
Our government has not got us out of debt since then.
How do you pay yourself more money each year when your country is in debt?
Make people pay more taxes? Make more people pay more taxes?
Increase population, increase housing, and you increase more jobs?
No more jobs, more people in the country, more refugees that we can't handle.
More houses yes, but money grabbing building companies buy land and maximize profit by building houses that have no parking, or not enough.
Consider that all houses should have parking for 4 cars. Mum dad 2 kids. ( if you have more than 2 kids you don't get that your contributing to the lack of resources on the planet but hey ho, humans right? duh! )
So no parking, cars parked on roads, no parking anywhere so everyone gets fined.
More cars on road, going to work at 7am now is pushed to 6am, then 5am because roads are maxed out.
So roads in constant gridlock see a rise in respitory problems, pollution as cars sit still on the streets, especially where small towns have taken up more housing and yet using the same roads.
Answer more roads? Sure, why not. More roads, for more cars... or maybe less people, less cars, less houses, less green land covered in concrete, a cleaner happier earth with resources for all...
You can not make a utopia/better world, because you would have to make a fair system, where people are actually paid what they are worth, and CEO's and rich figure heads wouldn't be able to hide money off shore. But because they do, the infrastructure of society is weak, and we constantly pile more crap onto it. And a virus like this is an inevitable result of populus rising. And then everything grinds to an almost halt, and debt goes insane because, basically, capitalism is flawed.
This article only proves that we on the roads are killing the planet, and that one month stopped sees a drop? And we will go back to our cars, and the government are loving the idea of these expensive electric cars, which will not help what so ever with pollution. slow it down by a small percentage? Which will only be negated by people with large families.
We had it right with trains and the idea of monorails, but we didn't build towns and cities the way we should have because they had to have character and some designer make something fancy which, yay looks good, totally impractical.
I could so keep ranting but pretty sure no one will read nor agree.
Sorry, high and a lil bit weird
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According to climatologist's prior reports, we should be headed for a global ice age from this...


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Don't worry, they'll make up for all this, and then some, after the crisis will be over!
True, air quality has been awful past few days, the pollution came all the way across the sea to Taiwan, they must be on turbo mode now.

Modern human sacrifices for wealth and power.

Lew Zealand

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What damage? Only one month and levels are gone.
Levels of what are gone? Most pollutants dissipate from concentrated areas like cities *every day*, it doesn't take a month. Check out any weather app that follows the hourly pollution levels, in my area they are dropping like a rock by 6pm. The reported numbers here are just obvious things, showing that with fewer polluting practices, we produce less pollution.


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So our negative impact on the planet is not so negative.
Did you really read the article??

Our lesser impact (l000s of factories NOT pouring smoke and gases into the air, less air travel, fewer cars on the roads, less travel of any kind, etc..) is leading to less pollution, less harmful, emissions, cleaner waters, etc.

And you claim we have no impact??
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Maybe that is necessary there are too many humans on this planet.

Think of this as natural population control via nature.
Actually, number of humans is starting to decline because people are having less children then they did before (and it's also genetic ). Even if it were not, there is plenty of space left on the planet.

Lew Zealand

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Numbers are declining only in some parts of the world. However other more fecund parts are more than making up for those local deficits. Overall numbers of people are still increasing and based on long term trends, we'll level off by about 2050.


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The thing about Coronavirus which I find so remarkable is that unlike every other natural disaster, this one attacks us on a human level.

It attacks the very bonds in our organizational structure.

An asteroid, nuclear weapon , tornado, hurricane, terrorist attack...any of those... would destroy our infrastructure but BRING US TOGETHER.

Coronavirus tears us apart - and keeps us apart.

Coronavirus attacks our ability to work. It attacks our ability to produce. It attacks our ability to consume.

It's taken down the Trump economy.

It's taken down the banking industry.

It's taken down the federal reserve.

It took down the New York Stock Exchange.

It took down the Supreme Court.

It took down the airlines.

It took down the cruise industry.

It took down the restaurant industry.

It took down the public schools.

It took down entire countries.

It threatens the elderly.

It threatens the infants.

It threatens anyone with asthma.

It threatens doctors, police,prisoners and anyone who needs to work with other people.

Just one case is enough to cause any institution to be forced to close.

With this virus, you're left asking yourself:


Any other disaster would have done 100% of its damage almost immediately.

Coronavirus is like a slow trickle of effects and it's intertwined with everything.

And for people who think that "next time we'll be prepared"...keep in mind that there is no infrstructure you can build that a virus can't defeat.

That's the entire point of a virus.

It's designed to figure out " a way in".

You are the "way in".

This one in particular hides its symptoms by suppressing the immune system until it has spread wide enough in the population and then it can go to work destroying the infected's lungs.

A virus that kills immediately is not a very successful virus.

A Virus that lays dormant for a while and suddenly comes to life andkills up every damn body is a successful virus.

This is Darwinism incarnate.

Unless you understand Darwinism, you can't see this the way I see this.

Right now I'm sitting in my office alone and my employees have done everything they can not to be here.

Preparation isn't about just having toilet paper and food. You have to be mentally prepared.

I am mentally prepared to deal with this, but many of them aren't. Their families aren't. These Generation Z kids aren't.

This is gonna get a hell of a lot worse.
Darwin was a quack.

And a few weeks on the "chill the **** down" pill, humanity will do just fine.

At the very least, air and water will recover some.
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Eckhart Tolle said some of the same words. It was strange at the moment, thinking nature has its own way, but apparently it does. Remember, dinosaurs lived for 180 million years, and then...
The way we are going now the human race won't last 100k years.

And that is without assistance from external forces out of our control.
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I would not be surprised if she is actually thinking maybe humanity will learn something from this until she wakes up and realizes humanity will just keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
You mean by those same people voting the same politician in again, term after term after term. They need to stop listening to the BSing media and vote the incumbent out every election, regardless of party. But too many drink the BS koolaid spouted by the media.

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