Correct time for vid card upgrade?

By farmer · 8 replies
Mar 22, 2002
  1. I'd like some opinions on when to upgrade video cards. I have a Leadtek Ti500 and thought I had a keeper for at least a year but it seems the Geforce4 has really passed the Ti500 by. I'd have no problem with an upgrade now but talk has it that bigger and better is coming in the fall and I don't want to upgrade every 6 months. Any input would be welcome.
  2. svtcobra

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    well, i would start off by reading this thread:

    then you really have to think about spending 400.00 on something that will be replaced in September. I think your card is fine and unless you want to run your games in 4X AA at 1280x1024 all day long I wouldnt upgrade to the GF4.

    I have a regular GF3 and I think Im going to wait till the fall when the updated version of the GF4 comes out. I really want a Geforce card that makes use of 3DFX's Anti Aliasing technology.
  3. Cucumber

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    Well i wasnt going to upgrade my Graphics card until the summer but seeing as the GeForce4.Ti4600 has come out and im going to America in 8 days time i think i will!
    Im in a different situation to you though, as you already have a superb graphics card and ive got a Kyro2, which is now starting to show how far it is behind other Graphics cards.

    If i were you i would wait until the end of the year, coz im sure you graphics card will hold out until then. And then decide which card your're going to get!:D
  4. Arris

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    I really think GF3Ti500 -> GF4Ti4xxx is a waste of money unless you have that much to burn. I would rather put it towards other hardware and wait for a more significant jump in video card technology before upgrading. Considering I was fine with TNT2 M64 but fancied nicer graphics so I went TNT2 -> GF3. I immediately noticed the difference (you would have to be blind not to). With the change from GF3 -> GF4 I don't think you would see that staggering a change, $400 or £350 (in UK) is a lot of money just to be able to run 4x AA on higher resolutions, which don't really need it as much as lower resolutions anyway!
  5. uncleel

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    This has been previously discussed many times, as exampled by svtcobra's link, & there's no correct answer.
    Your either:
    1.) Ahead of the curve.
    2.) Behind the curve.
    3.) Your $'s are gone.
    I'm budget minded & believe the best time to buy is when the retailers clear their stock to make room for the new stuff. Watch
    3DS Price Grabber carefully. Almost reminds me of buying stock.
  6. farmer

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    Your replys are all helpful and I guess my questions go a lot deeper. I have read posts both here and on other sites and they start out giving good info then the next thing you know they go off on how much better the graphics are going to be or how much faster or higher the FPS and 3D Mark score will be. I don't have money to throw away but I also enjoy playing these games. The reply that said I wouldn't see a difference is something I can relate too. I'm running an OEM system with business apps on it also so a lot of the suggestions are not within reason for me. I'm also new to this and don't always ask the right question, but on this site you all don,t seem to mind new members asking questions or go off on some big flame tear. Thanks for replys.
  7. Cucumber

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    No Problem mate;) , if u have any questions at all im sure someone on here will know the answer!

  8. uncleel

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  9. boeingfixer

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    The way things have been going the last few years, Is there really a correct time to upgrade. We have been thru quite the array of video cards and manufactures in the past two years. Is it ever going to stop ?? Especially when both of the giants of today, ATI and Nvidia are now getting into the chipset market.
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