Corrupt Outlook2003 or XP?

By LiLNoodles
Sep 24, 2009
  1. A few days ago my system hung and I couldn't shut it down properly; I had to turn the system off with the on/off button. Unfortunately when I rebooted I lost the ability to do several things in Outlook: 1) I can't use Word as my editor; 2) I can't open an attachment; 3) I can't hypertext out of an email. At about the same time that this happened, I upgraded from Avira antivirus free to the paid version. That caused my email to jam until I removed the email protection in Avira. Also, I just got a new 'g' router. But when I turn off my PC the Local Area Network cannot find the router until I reboot my router and sometimes the router and my cable modem. That's for a wired connection. The wireless connection is acting flaky. There is another PC on the router that doesn't have this problem so I imagine it's my PC. My old 'b' router doesn't have this problem. I first thought that my Outlook problem was a corruption in Outlook but now I wonder if I've corrupted something in Windows XP. I thought perhaps I could try uninstalling the three service packs and reinstalling them. I do NOT have the software for XP or MS Office 2003. (Long Story.) i did do a fix in Word but Outlook's fix failed. I got the message that it could not find: 'msiexec.exe' which is strange because it's all over the place on my computer. Firefox is also sometimes having trouble finding tabs last open. That never happened before. I'm using the latest Firefox. I know I can use Thunderbird but the last time I looked at it (early 2008) I wasn't happy with it; it is quirky and difficult to control. I really prefer using Word in Outlook. I have many email templates with attachments that I can't use right now. I'm out of work and all of this is causing an enormous drain on time I should be using for looking for work.
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