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Corrupt playback

By bman2005
Dec 30, 2011
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  1. Afternoon all-

    I am completely stumped on this one.
    Last night I go to play a .mp3 from my library collection. I double click the song, Windows Media Player opens up and the track actually play is the last 3 mins of the previous song in the directory.

    I go through my 400gb library and come to find out, about 75% of the library is corrupt in this same sort of fashion. The played is either the track before or of a completely different artist.

    I don't know when this occured which is an interesting indicator of how often I actually visit my local library for music now a days but I certainly don't want to lose it either. To complicate this matter, I and checking my backup of the library but I have a hunch that these files will also be corrupt as the source during backup would have been corrupts as well.

    I don't know how the corruption could be so clean as to be of by 3/4 of a track.. or play at all. I was hit by a trojan last spring which I cleaned up fine enough. However, I don't think that it's related. I think it's more likely some partition work I tackled last spring that might have corrupted the whole thing.

    I just don't see how the header tags could all be off. Could this be a MFT issue? I just don't really know how to solve this problem, what have caused this or potential fixes before I drop the entire collection and become a Spotify user for life.

    Any suggestions? Ever see this?

    Win7 64 bit
    Occurs on any music player of choice (WM, Real Audio, iTunes, Winamp etc)
    Has impact 3/4 of the folder structures.... the other 25% seem to all be correct and pointing to the correct track of music.

    Looking for suggestions to try-

  2. Buckshot420

    Buckshot420 TS Enthusiast Posts: 301

    If its external, unplug both usb and power from HDD. Wait a minute and plug back in. Let me know if it works. Your drive may be on the end of it's life.
  3. bman2005

    bman2005 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    This is an internal WD - Black (640gb).
    Chkdsk is good (scans it however in like 10 seconds which concerns me).
    3 partitions on this drive and all appear fine.

    I also checked sectors and there are no bad one.

    Thanks for the suggestions - any more?

    Perhaps this occured with my original Asus P8P67 board before they were recalled (using one of the bad SATA ports).
    I just cant believe its half working. Usually corruption is all or nothing.

    It should be noted, I have copied a test track to a different machine and a MAC... same results so it's certainly pulling the wrong data / sectors. Which makes my offsite backup doubtful. Being "incremental" may be my only saving grace.

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