Corrupted Registry Complications

By silverstyne
Mar 26, 2007
  1. Hello People!

    I would like to request for your help, I know asking for help on my first post is severly in bad form, but I am getting quite desperate. I have a fairly new laptop COMPAQS V3000 for the past two months and it was working fine, it came with Norton Internet Security. Everyday NIS would keep on detecting errors and such I would keep on fixing them. Then today without any warning at all, I can't boot my laptop.

    I got the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM message. After reading extensively on the matter around the internet, i concluded that it must be a corrupted registry. So I got the original XP setup disk as advised by the forums I've done research on. Here domes the problem, As I get to the part where you choose to (1) Repair Install (2) Recovery Console (3) Exit before you can boot. The computer hangs once I choose both 1 or 2, leaving me no access to my computer.

    For option 1, the screen would get to the part when it would serach for previous windows XP editions then it wouldn't move. I left for a couple of hours and no progress at all.

    For option 2, I get to the screen where I would choose between drive C: or E: once I choose, it would hang as well.

    I tried option 2 the first time around and had to reboot it when I saw no movement after 5 mins, so right now I have no more recourse, and I have probably rebooted a thousand times hoping there would be progress. I hope that you guys can help me! HELP!
  2. chamillitarysk8

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    reinstall windows into a different folder
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