Counter Strike: Source freezing 10-40mins into game

By GoSoft
Dec 21, 2008
  1. Ever since our house was renovated and i switched from cable internet to wireless problems have been coming up.
    Such as:Almost any online game (apart from flash) freezes if played online or on lan, major example CS:S and occasionally internet browsing with IE7.

    This problem has come up in different threads but reading them has been no help and decided to make thread.

    Important: My dx registry was deleted 1yr ago but most games played fine like Crysis and CS:S and games that required Dx 9.0. When i checkup dxdiag it shows 0,0 version but i have the files that dx redistributable installs. Computer freezes and alt-ctrl-del does not work only restarting the computer or pulling the plug.
    I have ran Speedfan and checked out that during games my cpu had 60-80 degrees celsius i had a blue thermal fan installed that lowered temps but the cpu kept 50-70 (all during games). CS:S worked fine with cable internet even with all that crap above.Note: I am using CS:S DigitalZone a cracked version and it is updated to the latest version of CS:S. i cannot install Legit CS:S even though i have bought it on steam as in the installation it needs valid Direct X so i have to stick with the cracked version. Other version such as pacsteam do not work.

    My specs are:
    3.2ghz p4
    radeon 9600 graphics card with ati catalyst driver.
    160gb HDD
    1gb ram
    Windows SP1.

    Anyone please reply i have had this problem for 1yr and a half without any help.
    I have followed moper man's sticky but to no avail.
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