CPU Hotter than HELL

By IllegalPrime · 8 replies
Aug 3, 2006
  1. Hi everyone,
    I have had my pc for about 1 1/2 yrs now and I have never really bothered with the temps inside my pc. Although, after reading how low other ppls temps are compared to mine I started to worry. Below are all my temps after completely cleaning my pc from top to bottom.

    This includes adding some Artic Silver to the CPU...
    CPU Zone: 75 0C
    Zone A: 44 0C
    Zone B: 43 0C

    My fans are all maxed out all the time...
    CPU Fan (Zalman CNPS7700-Cu): 2639 rpm
    Front Intake fan: 1960 rpm
    Rear fan: 1844 rpm

    The temp in my room is pretty high. Its like being slapped in the face when you walk in. Although, I get about the same temps during the winter season too when my room is much cooler.

    These are the specs on my pc
    CPU: P4 3.4Ghz Prescott w/ Zalman CNPS7700-Cu
    RAM: 256X2 OCZ 533 DDRII
    HDD: WD 200GB SATA w/ Zalman hdd cooler
    VIDEO: ATI X700 w/ Zalman VGA Cooler
    AUDIO: Intel Integrated
    CASE: Antec Sonata w/ Silent PSU 450W
    Extras: ATI TV Wonder Elite
    Front and Rear 120mm Case Fans

    Any suggestions?
  2. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    I would make sure you have the thermal paste properly applied. (paper thin) Make sure your fans are running at full speed, and in the correct direction.

    But a hot room temperature will really help things get toasty inside the case, not much you can do. Combine that with your prescott, things are going to get warm. Do you see any big performance hit, (aka throttling?)
  3. i_am_a_newbie

    i_am_a_newbie TS Rookie Posts: 170

    Which way is a CPU fan supposed to blow?

    but yeah, The only guess I have is the thermal paste might be applied incorrectly.
  4. IllegalPrime

    IllegalPrime TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the replys.
    I spread the paste on paper thin when I assembled it. Perhaps the heatsink isnt seated properly (it does move a little with a little force). If re-seating doesnt work I will try going back to the stock cooler. I will keep you updated and thanks again for the quick replys.
  5. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    did you thoroughly clean the CPU and heatsink with alcohol before applying the paste? different types/brands of paste have different methods for "proper application"

    you say that it moves with little force, that is normal for standard white silicone paste. if you used a thicker compound like arctic silver then it should "stick" better and be more resistant to movement. thermal paste/compound needs a few days running to "cure", so you should try to avoid moving it once applied

    also, how's your case cooling? air coolers don't work too well if the case doesn't have good airflow.

    cheers :wave:
  6. IllegalPrime

    IllegalPrime TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I have been using this two step solution to clean then purify the surface of both my cpu and heatsink. I upgraded from the Zalman 7000 to the 9500. After this upgrade my pc now runs much cooler. My CPU now runs at
    48oC on idle and I have got it has high as 53oC. This new cooler really helped because I don't have a btx case and the heat coming from the cpu is expelled right through the rear fan. These temps still seem high when compared to others but are still way under critical (about 75ish). Thanks for all the help :)
  7. taylub

    taylub TS Enthusiast Posts: 127

    my comp has the same thing with the cpu its at like 70C but the rest is normal so i just turn my pc on its side and put a pop tart on the cpu till its cooked :)
  8. joked u 2

    joked u 2 TS Rookie Posts: 128

    funny :hotbounce
  9. joked u 2

    joked u 2 TS Rookie Posts: 128

    thats fargin HOT myin is at like 32c OC !! is not a problem till like 155f whatever the conversion. leave the side off the case and leave ur window open and door [if possible{sibling problems}]. some setups just run hot. as for is second use as a heater you won't get cold in the winter. i got the same problem i have a server in my room and i got 2 case fans because the hdd alone got to 145f 150f i got back from school and my room was 120f [it was 100 out side] i also got 2 other machines that doo not get turned off ever. so i know how bad it is.. :hotbounce
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